Thursday, April 7, 2016

WIP update and another Start

Hello friendly bloggers. I hope everything's fine on your end.
You already know what I'm going to talk about ('cause it says right there on top, haha).
Without further ado, my PS Santas:
 More gray, and then some brown. I love that antique sewing machine, reminds me of mom's :) 
I'm now more inclined to work on the Santas because I'm stitching alongside Annie of My Little X-Stitch Nook. It's more fun:) having a fellow blogger share this PS infatuation, lol. Check out her lovely PS starts. 
And here's my non-PS start:
I See Trees of Green 
by Heartstring Samplery
14 Count Vintage Country Cream Aida
I hope you see the marbling on the fabric. I'm using Gentle Art sampler threads for the very first time. This one is apple cider,there's a slight feeling of unease though as I noticed that the thread is less than what I'm used to (DMC), I hope this one goes a long way.
Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. Nice progress and great new start.


  2. Oh my, I was going to work on another project today, but now that I see your amazing progress on the Santas I have to stitch them instead lol! I know there's no way I can keep up with your speed, but I can try, despite sneezes etc lol. I love that sewing machine too, and I hope I can afford to get my hands on the knitting Santa soon - that is my favorite option for my forth empty square:)
    Keep up the good work, but don't stitch too fast now LOL:)))

  3. Lovely start and great progress on your WIP :) I have so far never seen a Santa with sewing machine on any of the blogs.

  4. thank you for introducing me to HeartString Samplery. I love "I see Trees of Green" and now I must have this. It looks beautiful.

  5. Now I hae the song in my head! Thank you.

    Great progress on both pieces, hope the thread lasts. If you stitch quicker, it lasts longer.

  6. Love both your pieces! Heartstring Samplery have some wonderful designs don't they? Love the fabric you're using.

  7. o yes, that is a lovely sewing machine! I am sure that Santa will be very productive haha :D

  8. Nice progress on your Santas. And a nice new start, too.
    I also love SALing with a fellow stitcher, it's always a lot of fun and it keeps me motivated for a long time.

  9. Fantastic progress and great new start.

  10. Great progress and new start :)