Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Bees and Santas

Hello dear friends.
Loads of action on this post, my first for the week. I just realized I don't have a finish yet for this month and we're already on the last week! So I got me my turbo needle and stitched away...
 Did a lot of gray stitching! See that awkward-looking bear? That one will bravely hug a beehive. What else is new here? The Queen Bee, of course she takes that royal middle spot! There are more grays to come but I felt (for blog presentation purposes) I just had to add that gold on her, otherwise she'll be like a different insect (ooops! sorry:(
These next two men I'm so eager to show you. My Men in Red.
I finished what little was left of 2004 Santa's red robe (is that robe that they're wearing? I don't exactly know what you call that.) Then I proceeded to 2007 Santa. This was a joy to stitch, I kept at it and got excited as I see the scarf outline taking form.
And I also love the pattern on the bottom of his robe. Neat! Only ecru, cream and backstitching left on these two men.
 Here's  the whole piece:
I'm stitching this piece along with Annie, hop on over to see her great progress. 
The GAST threads (along with 16ct. Aida) were just delivered. Can't wait to get back to I See Trees, no guarantees though if I'll have a finish for the month. At this point I think it will take a miracle superturbo needle to do just that.
As always, I want you to know I appreciate each kind comment you leave on my posts:)
Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. Those are both looking great! I really like how you're stitching the four Santas together.

  2. Beautiful updates on both of these projects.

  3. You certainly have been busy with your needles, great stitching progress! :)

  4. ooOoo! Such progress! Looks fabulous my friend!

  5. Congrats on the awesome progress Gominam. I can't wait to get back to stitching on other projects.


  6. Great work. Even if you don't manage a finish this month you'll have a few at the beginning of May!
    I would call Santa's red garment a robe too.

  7. You were adding a lot of stitching to both your WIPs.