Sunday, April 17, 2016

Weekend plan trade-off

Hello lovely stitchy bloggers. 
Okay, let me start off with some confessin' - I didn't finish what I set out to finish this weekend (bobbinating, remember?) But did take a picture of my start:
The goodies DSIL brought - transparent bobbins and 2yards each of 11ct and 14ct aida (though they border on plastic canvas texturewise, they're FREE, so no complaints, lol... Maybe if I soak in warm water it would get softer?)
Another confession, I'm not going to do all those threads... Joann Fabrics had a discount coupon on total purchase so what am I to do? I took out my thread list for Prairie Schooler Alphabets and there you have it, even if I still can't decide on purchasing the fabric:)
Believe me, I started, but it's not picture-worthy yet. I got overwhelmed after more than two hours of bobbinating, so this happened:
 Isn't that a nice compromise? I finished mulberry (the border), the skein was enough, squee! Piney woods next but I'll save that for another day.
Sunday evening I picked this up:
I stitched on the quilt, stocking, and gave Santa some skin! My stitching buddy Annie of My Little Xstitch Nook got a lot of red done already. 
Since this post started off with confessions, let's end it with another one, oh no:(
My infatuation with Santa's sewing machine led to this:
No, I didn't just buy this because of that! I don't sew, never knew how. But this was in a Walmart Black Friday deals maybe 4 or 5 years ago. I got it for almost half-price...and never opened it. I dug it up from behind the bed in my sis' guestroom, all dusty and looking lonely. Hopefully the DVD instructions will help me uncover that sewing prowess, lol.
Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. Ooo have fun learning your machine! I recently learned how to use my little tiny one but I'm hoping to get a real one soon. They're actually pretty easy to operate. Lovely progress and yay new stash!

  2. Wow, you HAVE been busy! I wish I could come across discount coupons on my buying streaks...:( How wonderful to have threads for all the alphabet already:) I'm thinking of buying one or two of the alphabet; I think there was a Embroidery in there somewhere??? Maybe we could do that together too? I'm really enjoying having a stitching buddy and I'm not sure we have the same PS Xmas charts yet...
    What do you think?!
    Luckily I'm finished with my gift/cardstitching after today - post coming up - so then I'm digging out the Santas again lol! I love your progress on them:))

  3. Two hours of bobbinating, wow, not bad. But I can understand that you were sick and tired of it and just wanted to stitch. Nice progress on your projects.
    And good luck with your sewing machine. It's worth learning how to use it as you can make so many things with it.

  4. No stopping you now with your SMachine.
    Lovely stitching and goodies.

  5. Good progress on your stitching projects !! Blame it on the discounts and free gifts :)
    A new-but-old-discounted sewing machine ! How can you do that? Keep it behind the bed? Not to worry, just check, there might be some discount on sewing classes on craftsy;)

  6. I hope you have much success in learning to sew and fun! I have loved sewing since I was a girl.

  7. Great stitching & bargain!
    I'm sure you will have fun with your new toy :)
    Enjoy the bobbinating!

  8. Lovely progress on your stitching.
    I love your sewing machine!

  9. Definitely wash the aida, it will make a difference. As will stitching on it over time.
    Love the gorgeous threads!
    Nice progress on both pieces too.