Sunday, April 3, 2016

Weekend Stitching and stuff

Hello dear friends. I have something stitchy I wasn't able to post about last week...
What I haven't told you about last week is... DSIL came for a visit:) She's been here before, but whenever she comes to the US, she usually stays with her childhood friend/s in San Francisco CA, then mail stuff to us. She's the same DSIL I talked about in my very old post. So what did I ask for this time (besides food, lol)? She bought me transparent bobbins! The ones my OCD mind has been looooonging for (the same ones I've talked pathetically about in the same post above, haha). And of course, some fabrics. She knows I like aida, but there were no 16ct or 18ct from the store she went to. She got me 2 yards of 11 ct of ecru aida which comes just at the right time as "the new stitching convert" is about to finish her Classic Cameo piece (which I will show you later, so hang on to that), and 2 yards of 14ct light blue aida, no white, ecru or other light fabrics in stock. I wanted a large cut for my PS Alphabet series, so I just told her not to get anything that's cut to a smaller size (I'll just get it online:( I didn't take a picture of the goodies yet as we were busy talking and talking (she left for SF early Friday morning and will return home on the 11th after visiting some more relatives in the west coast). I'm going to show the bobbins (and fabric) in the future when my floss storage is neatly organized and ready for the camera:)
Okay, so let's talk progress. The weekend was spent on Christmas Eve:

 Just the usual brown stuff, the trees and sack on the sled.
 I'm going to put this aside for now since light-colored threads are next (aside from the gray smoke and lighter green). Yes, lots of snowy-white stitching ahead which I'm not in the mood just yet.
Now, that wasn't quite worth your while, right? Mine too, so here's a...Start:

I'm stitching Where There Are Bees on a 14ct. white aida:)
And as promised, here's the picture of the new convert's Cameo piece she found free on the net:
The girl is so excited to do backstitch (I kept my backstitch thoughts to myself, lol). She wants to frame it right away for her room. I told her to stitch in the same direction but girl won't listen and said only she will know the difference because it will be in her room --ahh, teenagers!  But not bad eh?
On another note, have you seen the extended trailer of Me Before You (adapted from the bestselling book by Jojo Moyes)? It's been on youtube last week. I've read the book maybe 2 years ago and really, really liked it (I even let a teenager borrow it, as a matter of fact I told him he could keep it last time we saw each other, he's into theater and loves to read). I'm not sure yet if I'll go see it. For the record, to this day I haven't watched Gone Girl (Ben Affleck), because the reviews said there were lots of changes (for the worse), so I just made a (weird) decision to stick with my book memories, sorry Ben:(

Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. Nice progress and finish and love your new start.


  2. Great new Prairie Schooler start, a very nice choice. And not bad what the new convert stitched.

  3. Thank goodness for kind relatives that supports your obsessions, right?! I like to use 11-count aida for cushions, so I always keep them to myself LOL.
    I really enjoyed reading some of your earliest posts so thanks for guiding me there:)
    And once again I must say that I love Christmas Eve - so jealous that you got your hands on it lol! Today I'm going to start on my PS Santas - I've got some catching-up to do, hohoho!

  4. You are making great progress! And you started a new one! ;) Her cameo is wonderful!

  5. I'm glad you DSIL had a lovely visit and brought you goodies you really enjoy! That's always nice to have someone appreciate your love for stitching. Beautiful progress on your projects. Tell her the Cameo piece is beautiful.

  6. Lovely stitching!
    I hate it when the movie messes with the book

  7. Love your Christmas Eve and your new start.
    Very pretty cameo:)

  8. Great progress I'm glad you got what you were looking for!

  9. Great stitching !! I have seen the movie but never read the book.

  10. Great progress on both pieces. It will be nice to have a choice of colours to stitch when you are bored of snow!
    The cameo looks great too, great work for a beginner.
    Glad you enjoyed your SIL's visit and her goodies too.

  11. That is the exact same reason I have not watched Gone Girl. Thank you for Converting!!! Of my four daughters, could only get one on board. Love your stitching.

  12. What, you're not ready to stitch white on white? :b And how interesting on transparent bobbins! I have never, ever seen clear ones before. Only the pastel ones. I bought a huge bag of 1000 (lol) white ones when they went on sale on Amazon for around $10. I like your double decker case too.

    You must keep your backstitching thoughts to yourself! It's the most amazing part! The stitching in the same direction will come with time. It looks lovely! :)

  13. J'adore une merveilleuse broderie,j'aime beaucoup Prairie Scholler!
    Pour ce Noêl je vais broder ce magnifique designer un réel plaisir!