Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Trees, Bees, and Santa too

Hello dear friends.
Yes, you read (or counted) that right, three WIPs! 
 I'm really loving how "I See Trees" is coming along. Piney woods on the border just made this piece Christmassy:) 
 Not much done on Bees, just added gray octagons.  
 Jump on to another Prairie Schooler design, concentrated on just one Santa this time. Cream stitching and started the red, woohoo! Now, at least one of them is taking shape. I'm a color by color stitcher as some of you already noticed, from dark to light ones, so I'm quite being a rebel right now (I don't think Santa would mind though:)
Finally, let me share the new convert's latest finish, 
Isn't she adorable? Told her to clean that bluish ink right there on the lower left before she frames it. She's now doing a red mug design.

Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. Awesome progress on all 3 projects. I love them all. Nice finish for your convert.


  2. Lovely Christmas stitching! Your protégé has done really well - that's a beautiful but quite tricky design.

  3. Belle avancées sur tous ces projets en cours,j'aime beaucoup Prairie Schöller
    j'admire le portrait de la belle dame,trés romantique!
    Bonne broderie pour la suite
    Have a nice day

  4. beautiful stitching.Your Santa is looking awesome.
    Congrats to your new convert:) her finish is gorgeous.

  5. Good progress on your stitching!! Most of the time I too stitch colorwise but for bigger design I try block by block.
    Your disciple has finished a lovely piece :)

  6. Very nice updates on your WIPs.

  7. Awesome! And the young lady's work is so pretty.

  8. Great progress as usual:) I've been stitching on the same Santa myself, but I can already tell that I'm going to run out of DMC 221...Not unexpected, but annoying! Now I have to find money soon to order some more so I don't fall behind too much:) And try to work on the other colours meanwhile...
    Your apprentice seem to be doing really well - that's a hard design for a beginner.

  9. Be careful, you'll be doing 31 starts before you know where you are!
    Santa is looking great with his red done.
    The cameo lady is lovely too, very neat and elegant.

  10. The girl's portrait looks really nice.
    Great progress that you made on all three WIPs.

  11. Beautiful progress! Great job on the Santa. Tell your convert she did a great job! Beautiful finish.