Friday, April 15, 2016

Greening Santa

Hello dear friends.
Lots of green on Prairie Schooler Santas. I'm struggling at how to show this best as I've almost always taken the photos at night from my stitchy spot:(

 For the weekend I plan to attend to the floss stash. The new bobbins have been calling my name for a while now. Fingers-crossed I'll show you a neat bobbin extravaganza in the next post. I know I'm making boring stuff seem exciting, haha. Before I forget, thanks so much for the comments esp. on I See Trees, it has become a favorite WIP too so I might put in some stitches this weekend, we'll see.
Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. Lovely new start , Like how you use one colour then fill in after and bring it to life .

  2. I have never seen someone adding colour after colour to a project. A very interesting way to see your projects grow.

  3. I think the photos look great:) I too take my photos mostly at night and that shows, but then I'm not a photographer but a stitcher so it'll have to do lol! Great progress on the Santas; I love the little green mittens on the top right Santa - so cute! Next week I'm going to attack my own Santas so look out lol!
    Have a great weekend,

  4. Looking great. But yes, I look forward to seeing that finish on I See Trees. It is so wonderful.

  5. Nice progress and I love the way you stitch one color at a time. I would be to afraid of miscounting.


  6. You can really see the Santas taking shape now as you add each colour.

  7. It looks like jigsaw puzzle just waiting to be added too:) Waiting for the next update.