Saturday, April 23, 2016

A week later...

Hello friendly bloggers:)
Prepare for total bobbination...
Took me a week to finally turn my floss storage blogworthy:) and I'm very happy with the results... so I just keep eyeing it that there's not enough time to stitch save for one WIP, shame!
So let's see what this whole brouhaha is all about:
THE NEW BOBBINS! More of that towards the end:)
I used a labeler to put the DMC range in front of every side of my double-sided bins, see?
Floss army pictures:
150-739, each compartment can fit 7 to 8 bobbins (depends how much thread is left). The middle part has a longer compartment, so that's where my extra skeins go (in that same range that's why you see a lot of 310 on top).
Here's the top view:
On its flipside:  740-3078
top view:
And last but not least, 3325-B5200 (the clear bobbins, yipee!):
The bigger compartment on this one carries satin and light effects threads. 
This side still had space, so I put there extra bobbins, Bohin needles, buttons that I'll use soon (hopefully) and beads, here's the topview shot:
On the flipside are more stuff:
Needles, buttons & pins (some are freebies). I keep the tag on those so I'll know where I got them from. Thread Heaven and Clover water-erasable markers. You see those bobbined threads? Those I noticed were somehow have a different shade from the newer batch of DMC, so I separated them, I'll just use them for smaller projects.
Have I managed to make you dizzy? Wait, there's more:(
After all the work I've put in to make it organized and uniform, I noticed things, hmm...

 Since the time I started stitching, I've always cut and taped the number from the DMC label (some white bobbins are already turning yellowish because of age, boohoo). Something else you noticed? Yes! the numbers are not even printed alike:(
Some have dots in front, or at the end or even on both sides of the number, 
 Some were underlined,
 Some edged in gold, some in black,
Some fonts are Arial, Times New Roman, etc.
See that 701? It says For Sale Outside EU on the side. Now it makes me wonder if the shade sold here is not the same as in EU (and I read they're more expensive there), I think those sold here are made in France. Does DMC even care about my irrelevant concerns, lol. I know what you're thinking - what's she babbling about, she can't even cut and tape straight, hahaha. For now I'm keeping these varied numbers to reflect the history of my bobbin journey (what!?!)
Okay, now that I have shocked you with my observations (told you before I was gonna try hard to make boring stuff look interesting), let me make it up to you with some progress on a favorite WIP, woohoo! 
 This is how far Piney Woods took me. Fear not, I have ordered 2 each of apple cider and piney woods even before I ran out. It should be coming anytime soon. 
Leaves me no choice but to pick up the Bees and Santas (which I'm stitching along with Annie of My Little Xstitch Nook, who's a very fast stitcher, she just whips up those cute stitched cards out of nowhere and still manages to give Santa a hefty progress, impressive!)
That's it folks. Thanks for bearing with me. I hope I'll have something more appropriate and interesting to show for next week. 

Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. Wow your collection looks great! You've made lovely progress too :)

  2. Oh wow, that's a lot of bobbins. And everything is so neatly organized now. A lot of work but the result says that it was worth it. I also love my threads organized - it's so much easier to kit up new projects.
    Yes, you are right, DMCs are very expensive here in Europe, and some of the colours are only available in the US. And US shops are not allowed to send DMC threads to Europe. At least that's what I have been told by shop owners. Strange, huh?
    Nice progress on your WIP.

  3. Fantastique,un rangement impeccable!bravo ,je vais éssayer de faire pareil
    J'achéte mes fils DMC en Grande Bretagne 3X moins cher qu'en France,incroyable ,car c'es chez moi en Alsace ou il y a les usines DMC!

  4. Great progress on your WIP!! I like bobbination task where I get to watch TV and keep on doing mindless winding. Gives a satisfaction that my hobbies are taken care while wasting time for TV. Few months back I read one of my daughter's books in which there was a character named 'bobbinating beast' . Nothing to do with that character, but your gigantic task of bobbination reminded me that name:) It was a humourous book titled, 'who could that be at this hour?' I loved seeing your colorful stash and the multipurpose storage box:)

  5. Great bobbinating and an impressive amount of stash:)
    Good stitchng progress too.

  6. Nice progress on your stitching. Your bobbinating paid off. It looks so nice and neat.


  7. The labelling for EU countries is a price control issue. It would be cheaper for our shops to buy their DMC from America and sell it here than to buy direct! I have no idea why DMC is so much more expensive here but it's to do with tax and trade deals brokered by the Governments.
    Great work on the Wonderful World piece.

  8. Love the way you've organized your floss!

  9. Wow, wow, that is the most impressively organized thread stash I've ever seen!!! It must take you ages to do! You would absolutely gasp in horror if you saw my not-so-organized thread stash lol!
    With such kind words regarding my stitching (which is much slower than yours by the way, haha) I have to make sure I find some time for the Santas this week, even though I've got a buzzing crochet hook right now:)
    I love your WIP progress too - it's a lovely project with such a sweet message!

  10. I am soooo impressed with your thread box!!! So neat, I love it :)

  11. Beautiful thread collection!!! Very well organized!! Great progress on your stitching too.