Friday, March 27, 2015

2 WIPs Update

Hello, bloggers. Not much stitching done since last posting.
Hearts and flowers everywhere for the ABC sampler.
On this particular photo shoot, DH was playing this CD. Why the man refuses to play something from this millenium beats me (just as he can't fully grasp the wisdom of the Ort, bleh:/
I'm loving the colors on this sampler... much to this lady's disadvantage, just the additional reds on her shawl. I definitely need to spend more time on her next.
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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

2 WIPs update

Hello again. Here's how my 2 WIPs look like after the weekend:
ABC Sampler : Now it looks like a decorated composition notepad (the paper color of the cloth and those lines and ABCs). I started doing the flowers on the border.

Summer Fragrance: Finished the black on the hair and did lots of the dark brown.
I'm satisfied with this rate of progress. 
Til next time.
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Saturday, March 21, 2015


So much for that TV ad screaming "Get your Billions back, America!" What trickled down to me wasn't even a nano percent of it, lol. Yet one must appreciate a tax refund no matter how small. And enjoy it I did... (the first installment was the fabric purchase from my last post). Of course, some amount also found its way to the bank... somehow I still deem myself financially responsible, right DH? harhar.
Got myself a Mirabilia pattern, threads and beads, plus some button embellishments intended for scrapbooking and magazine country charts. I was not expecting the order to arrive this early, now I really must try harder to resist the temptation to start:(
I already planned to stitch her on aida cloth. I have not stitched on Linen before and I'm afraid to ruin this pretty young thing. 
 I think she's a beauty (Petal Fairy), and if I'm successful with her I might get Bliss Fairy too (fingers crossed;)
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Thursday, March 19, 2015

ABC Sampler WIP

Hello friends. Now it's the sampler's turn for some exposure (I have not abandoned it... It's my go-to WIP during grumpy spells)
 I finished the dark green border, dark blue lines (which closely resembles a zipper) and put in those little alphabets! I'm so happy with these colors!
Lately, I've been seriously considering starting a new project, but I'm really, really trying my best to wait until the two WIPS are done. I know it's for my own good, to keep my sanity intact (since when?)...
But I already bought some stuff at Michaels and Joann (with coupons, of course!) just because... 
Time to switch back to black fabric proj.
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Monday, March 16, 2015

A Productive Weekend

Hello, hello, hello! Somebody did her homework this weekend. ME!
That don't-be-a-coward persona resurfaced sometime Saturday evening. She had to (or it would be a disgrace to the blogworld if she didn't... yeah right ;)
Stitched more dark brown and black. I hope you can see them on the fabric, it's the hair and part of the neckline. I had to do her during daytime though, coz I keep miscalculating the squares with all the 3/4 stitch going on. I'm blaming the lights:)
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Saturday, March 14, 2015

3-month blogger

Hello! It just dawned upon me that I have been blogging for three months now (yep, I looked back on my first post, oopsy, it sounded so boring, haha). Three months...hmm, not a milestone but the experience of being able to share and glimpse into other stitchers' world has been exhilarating!

Considering how much ogling I have been doing into those stunning, well-conceived blogs (oh so many awesome ones) I still haven't figured out how to improve my layout (sigh). Baby steps, my friend, baby steps.

But here's what I have been up to (to mark this occasion), I've been blogshopping. Back in December, I started with only a handful blogs to follow coz I thought I might not be able to catch up on reading. I looked at my reading list and some have not posted for months (I miss their interesting posts). Bloghopping has now become a habit alongside my cross stitch. So today I added more than a dozen to the reading list. Yep, I've just turned into a minion to fifteen more stitching blogs out there (and I know I'll keep adding more). My picks? Those who are actively posting, with numerous WIPs (don't you just love seeing how these projects grow?), and even those generously posting comments (encouraging, or even hilarious). Now watch out for this crazy cartoony face in your comments section, hehe.

I also want to say how much I appreciate these ladies on the upper right (my motivators, see?), those who have taken time out to leave nice words and wonderful tips, and those who checked out some of my posts. =^-^=
Well, what else can I say?

Oh, three fulfilling months... and what realization did I get from this blogging?
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Friday, March 13, 2015


...and four days later, I'm logging back online to post updates. Now let's do this in one swoop:

The first one, done angst-free, I'm almost done with the border. The second one, I had to redo the white markings to see more clearly. I managed, chose bright red floss to complement the shirt I'm wearing (a magic trick perhaps, lol). That's it for me this week, have a nice weekend everyone;)
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Monday, March 9, 2015

ABC Sampler

Hello:), I hope everyone had a nice weekend. 
I just picked another chart from a magazine. This time, it's a sampler:
Polka Dot Alphabet Sampler
(Cross Country Stitching Magazine 2005)
 The threads, aren't they colorful?
I'm doing it on 14ct. Oatmeal Fiddler's Aida (15x18). I already started the black thread. 
I, again, shall be stitching this and Summer Fragrance alternately. (That Lady sure can make a split personality surface, teehee^0^ )
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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Back on Earth

Hello again blogworld. I'm back from the ethereal state of my happy dance. What brought me back were two things:
First up is this Lady whispering,"Hey, enough recovery time." So I conceded...
Here she was when I finished Houses of Love. And now, I've added more stitches. For the meantime, I deviated from my usual dark to light color scheme. I wanted to see some life in it so I chose dark red next:
Are you happy now, Lady?
The next thing that popped my beautiful balloon? The Ort jar. Told you last time I have a story... While doing Houses of Love and a little Summer Fragrance on the side, I didn't want their orts mixed together (I don't know what gave me that notion). So this happened:
Nothing should come at least seven feet to DH's stereo and CDs (of course, I'm exaggerating! LOL) But if it's possible for anyone to file a temporary restraining order against Ort, I think he would be the first in line, hah!
Turns out he threw the evidence in the trash bin :( (phew! I thought I had to state my case). So now I don't have the brown orts for Summer Fragrance. Fear not, I'll start anew. All's well in Wonderland. 
P.S. I very much appreciate your wonderful comments last time;) And I knew it had to be popcorn, he he.
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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Happy Dance Day has finally Arrived!

As expected, with much happiness but coupled with a big sigh for this finish (I had so much fun, why did it have to end?)... Drumroll...       
Taking a cue from Jeremiah's Mom, I replaced the French knots on the wreath with beads (A huge shout out to Katie for that pretty snowman post you did, what a great idea!:) -- See, that's what bloghopping can get you, tips from pros! I feel these beads really added more Christmas pizzazz on this piece.
The final touch of yellow flowers and stars on the black background somehow gives it a blinking multi-colored Christmas lights effect.
This is how my ORT jar looked like after it was all done. I have another story about it, but I'll reserve it for my next post.
Now, the question is: what is that thing beside the word LOVE? Is that ice cream? a tub of popcorn? or a basket (of what)? I'm leaning towards food, hah!
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