Monday, December 29, 2014

Show your stash : Threads

Lately, I have been reading posts regarding stitchers’ thread and pattern collections and oh my! They were so impressive! Now my reading list has been expanding by the day. Since I don’t really collect patterns (back in the day, once I’m done with it, I would give it to my officemates and vice versa) I will just write about threads.
So here’s my stash which consists of DMC threads alone. I have used DMC since the start because most patterns I’ve done used it. I don't really hoard (???:), I usually just buy threads that I need for a pattern I’m doing (learned my lesson when I got different shades for the same number esp. when it comes to skin colors.)

They are in bobbins and sorted in numerical order in a double-sided carrier which I bought more than 2 years ago at Joann Fabrics with a 50% discount coupon (they are currently priced at $14.99, so better print that discount coupon before buying). Before, I had four transparent boxes of floss, now they are all in one container, isn’t that neat!
 DMC threads at regular price cost cheaper at Walmart but they do not carry all the numbers. If I’m working on a project I first use whatever is on hand, then buy at Michaels or Joann when I’ve run out, who knows maybe by then they would announce a sale or have discount coupons for the whole purchase (that’s the problem too, I get tempted to buy more skeins when threads are on sale! I have lots of black which I know won’t get wasted, what with all that backstitching stuff.)

These threads, however, are still in a Ziploc bag. I bought it for a BAP which was started in late 2013. Sadly, it has become UFO for so long. I’ll see to it that it becomes a WIP again in 2015. (I apologize for dropping these acronyms in one paragraph; just wanted to use them in my blog to make me sound like a bonafide stitcher, so bear with the newbie blogger, teehee!)

No, this is not the police line-up of bobbins. I’d like to refer it more as “the evolution of my bobbins.” When I started stitching, I bought these white plastic bobbins from a frameshop/LNS. The hole for the metal ring is on the side, which makes it easier for me to just tape the DMC number in the middle and they are so durable.  I thought I’ve stocked up enough bobbins for my growing floss stash. Gee, was I so wrong! 

So there was a time the new thread numbers were in a Ziploc bag or just stuck inside the container (until I could get my hands on those white bobbins, pardon me for wanting them to be uniform). I couldn’t find them in any Michaels, Joann or in other craft stores where we live now. Then 4 years ago, my ever reliable sis-in-law asked me what would I want her to buy for me when she comes visit us. Whoopee! “Do you remember that shop where I used to go to have my cross stitch framed, can you buy me those bobbins...” plus the aida cloth, etc. So off she went to buy. And then came that call…”that shop has been closed for years, it’s a different store now.” I must admit it broke my heart a little, so many fond memories in that good ol’ shop. But take heed, I said ever reliable didn’t I? My sis-in-law was able to get me transparent bobbins from another store in another place that sells mostly cloths, lace and buttons. These where just a tad bigger than the white ones so they fit snugly in the container. Still, my bobbins can’t keep up with my threads (why didn’t I just print the whole thread checklist :( . So now I’m using the DMC plastic bobbins with the hole in the middle, I don’t use the metal ring anyway so I taped the numbers there). I just hope I don’t resort to the cardboard ones, but who knows?

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas

                                                                                (photo taken yesterday at 6:30am)
Merry Christmas! 
I am here now at my sister's house. Gifts opened, boardgames played (btw, the youngest won), brunch eaten, and now the nieces are in the room upstairs playing their new computer games (which means I'm free to blog for quite a bit. Yay!)
No stitching for today though ... so what am I to blog about?

There it is! took the camera out and started taking pictures of projects I gave to my sis back in 2001. Yep, 2001... 

the clock still tells the correct time, placed near the stairs.

I remember doing this piece during breaks at the office. My officemates back then were into cross stitching too and we would have "sessions" and once we're finished, we would go to the frameshop together to get a better deal. Memories, memories...
this one is at the back of the Christmas Tree (see the star's reflection on the glass). This was done during breaks as well (miss those good old days). One always works faster if you have buddies stitching with you. So, Huge Thanks to all the stitcher-bloggers out there for keeping me company. Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Oriental Lady Update

Turns out I did have #400 which I left at home (see, during my vacay I stayed just a few days with my sis to rest my bruised knee which I got in November...nope, i did not get it from a mad black friday sale in LNS, that would have been more dignified, haha). So in-between going to the doctor, xray,mri, I stitched my heart out at home or at my sis. btw, s000 glad the knee got better and test results were good. Thanks Knee, if not for you I would have not picked up that needle and thread and have the courage to start blogging which kept my mind off the pain! teehee.)
As soon as I got back home, I started #400. Good thing I bought one more skein coz my stock was not enough (and it's still the same shade unlike these two:

Here she is now, wish I had more of those ESS days (eat, sleep, stitch!)

'Tis the season for gifts

It's that time of year again for wrapping up presents!
This year I wanted to do something with cloth for some of the presents I'm giving at work.  So this is my first attempt...
i bought 2 yards of red cloth at $2/yard (on sale), black ribbon 25ft for $3 (with discount coupon), and the yellow scrapbook paper was from my stash which i cut into a buckle and laminated. The first try was slow til I got the hang of it. 
so here it is, Santa's belt...

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Oriental Lady

 Lately, I have been in an Oriental mood in my stitching. I started this Oriental Lady Wisdom by Joan Elliott when I started my vacation. Yes, I'm a serial starter like a lot of stitchers out there! (Started this proj before I finished the oriental orchids.)
 Day 1, I managed to finish the black.
 Day 2. Finished the blue inside the circle
 Day 4, started doing some of the reddish leaves and some details on the skirt.
 After a week, did some more details on the dress. I began doing the lighter threads because I did not have any DMC 400 and 3778, 3830 are running low. I might be able to buy tomorrow (I hope!)

Now she's starting to look nice, wish I could extend my vacay:(.  It will be a while before I can get back to this groove...

Friday, December 12, 2014

Finished project

Finally done after a year! I was actually done with the cross stitches long time ago, just can't get down to doing the backstitch and gold metallic half stitches... I was on leave from work for two weeks this is the result. Yay!

Tools and accessories

Whenever I start a project, I get all the needed threads from my stash to save time. For my etui, I recently bought a small Christmas tin that was on sale ($1.50, probably will be 70% off after the season... will probably buy more when it happens :) ), it fits my scissors, threads I want to start working with, etc. and I can easily carry it around when I have to travel.

I usually start with the dark threads (from experience, when I did a more complicated project that took a lot of time to finish, I noticed that my light threads either faded or somewhat dusty by the time I finished, or maybe it's dirt from my fingers, hmm...) And it's usually the lighter ones that the shades change (I'm only using DMC) were more obvious. I once did an angel, the same number for the skin but the newer thread bought was darker than my old one :(

For TUSAL, I bought this salt or pepper glass shaker, it's clear, has a lid and costs 80cents.
The pens are my miracle helpers. I line my cloth so my eyes don't get too stressed from counting squares. Warning tho, try it first on a small portion of aida cloth and spray with water to see if it disappears. It also comes in other colors, I prefer the blue one. I have not seen a white one yet, just in case I work with black aida, it would sure come in handy. The disappearing pens I bought from a craft store with a 60% discount coupon. It's a steal.

I don't use a hoop. For me it distorts the shape of my cloth. What I did was get this thing from a sliding folder (I do not know if they still sell this), I slide the edge of my cloth and start rolling  inward up to the space I'm working on (see my earlier post- oriental orchids). It keeps my cloth straight when I'm stitching and it's easier to hold...

After I have rolled my cloth to the part I'm working on, I fasten it with these snack clips.  I think I paid $3 for a pack of ten. They are so cute too!

If you have any tips please do let me know, I will really appreciate it.

Thank you for your time...

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

oriental orchids by dimensions

This kit was on sale at Michaels last year. It's hard to find nice xstitch designs in stores nowadays...

Newbie blogger

I have been reading blogs on xstitch for almost two years. I admire the bloggers' finished works, how inspiring! Finally got time and courage to start a blog. I started cross stitching in the 90s, but had to set it aside. Rediscovering this craft is such joy, how relaxing it is. I hope I can keep on stitching!