Saturday, December 13, 2014

Oriental Lady

 Lately, I have been in an Oriental mood in my stitching. I started this Oriental Lady Wisdom by Joan Elliott when I started my vacation. Yes, I'm a serial starter like a lot of stitchers out there! (Started this proj before I finished the oriental orchids.)
 Day 1, I managed to finish the black.
 Day 2. Finished the blue inside the circle
 Day 4, started doing some of the reddish leaves and some details on the skirt.
 After a week, did some more details on the dress. I began doing the lighter threads because I did not have any DMC 400 and 3778, 3830 are running low. I might be able to buy tomorrow (I hope!)

Now she's starting to look nice, wish I could extend my vacay:(.  It will be a while before I can get back to this groove...


  1. I tought I was crazy, but I had the same problem as you, One of the colour had faded i was very disapointed, I dont know what may have caused this ! I assure my hands to be clean and do not hesit to wash them every hour, I roll my work when I'm done for the day. I seriously don't know what happened :( I'll maybe post a picture on my next post about this if you want to give a look.

    But for you stitching, it is going very well, keep the good work :)

    1. Thank you for the kind words. And I would sure love to see the picture.

  2. And I want to know wht are you stitching on ? Aida? Evenweave ? It is common to let the readers know about this :)

  3. hi! thank you for the comment. I am stitching on a 14count aida cloth.