Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas

                                                                                (photo taken yesterday at 6:30am)
Merry Christmas! 
I am here now at my sister's house. Gifts opened, boardgames played (btw, the youngest won), brunch eaten, and now the nieces are in the room upstairs playing their new computer games (which means I'm free to blog for quite a bit. Yay!)
No stitching for today though ... so what am I to blog about?

There it is! took the camera out and started taking pictures of projects I gave to my sis back in 2001. Yep, 2001... 

the clock still tells the correct time, placed near the stairs.

I remember doing this piece during breaks at the office. My officemates back then were into cross stitching too and we would have "sessions" and once we're finished, we would go to the frameshop together to get a better deal. Memories, memories...
this one is at the back of the Christmas Tree (see the star's reflection on the glass). This was done during breaks as well (miss those good old days). One always works faster if you have buddies stitching with you. So, Huge Thanks to all the stitcher-bloggers out there for keeping me company. Merry Christmas!


  1. Merry Christmas! Those are lovely finishes. Enjoy your holiday. Thanks for following my blog; I'd return the favor if I could figure out how! But I added your blog to my read list.

    1. Thanks to you too for inspiring a lot of stitchers, I really enjoy reading your blog. I'm new at this thing so I don't know what to do with the setup (even my template is so basic eh). But receiving kind words like yours really encourages me to keep on. Thank you. Happy holidays.

  2. Cute projects I especially like the clock

  3. Wow, these are three wonderful projects. It certainly took a while to finish them. But I love big projects myself, the bigger the better, lol.