Monday, December 22, 2014

Oriental Lady Update

Turns out I did have #400 which I left at home (see, during my vacay I stayed just a few days with my sis to rest my bruised knee which I got in November...nope, i did not get it from a mad black friday sale in LNS, that would have been more dignified, haha). So in-between going to the doctor, xray,mri, I stitched my heart out at home or at my sis. btw, s000 glad the knee got better and test results were good. Thanks Knee, if not for you I would have not picked up that needle and thread and have the courage to start blogging which kept my mind off the pain! teehee.)
As soon as I got back home, I started #400. Good thing I bought one more skein coz my stock was not enough (and it's still the same shade unlike these two:

Here she is now, wish I had more of those ESS days (eat, sleep, stitch!)

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