Thursday, March 5, 2015

Back on Earth

Hello again blogworld. I'm back from the ethereal state of my happy dance. What brought me back were two things:
First up is this Lady whispering,"Hey, enough recovery time." So I conceded...
Here she was when I finished Houses of Love. And now, I've added more stitches. For the meantime, I deviated from my usual dark to light color scheme. I wanted to see some life in it so I chose dark red next:
Are you happy now, Lady?
The next thing that popped my beautiful balloon? The Ort jar. Told you last time I have a story... While doing Houses of Love and a little Summer Fragrance on the side, I didn't want their orts mixed together (I don't know what gave me that notion). So this happened:
Nothing should come at least seven feet to DH's stereo and CDs (of course, I'm exaggerating! LOL) But if it's possible for anyone to file a temporary restraining order against Ort, I think he would be the first in line, hah!
Turns out he threw the evidence in the trash bin :( (phew! I thought I had to state my case). So now I don't have the brown orts for Summer Fragrance. Fear not, I'll start anew. All's well in Wonderland. 
P.S. I very much appreciate your wonderful comments last time;) And I knew it had to be popcorn, he he.
Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. Hahaha, ort alarm, has to be a very common thing in households with stitchers around, lol.
    Very nice progress on your Lady.

  2. Great update on Lady!! Looking forward to see her come to life :)

  3. Beautiful progress. LOL at the ORT alert haha.

  4. love the red on your lady :)