Friday, April 1, 2016

Santa Stitching

Hello stitching friends. Happy new month!
Just a quick update on my Santa explosion.
Prairie Schooler Santas (2004-2007): 
 A fashionista might have shrieked at his muddy-colored boots and totes but I'm lovin' it so far (yes Santa, I'm nice:)
And quite a bit of progress on Christmas Eve:
I finished the reindeer and now I'm doing the trees, next will be the sack. Sorry, the colors are not vivid, I just used the cellphone on this one for a quick post. Gotta go.

Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. You've been stitching away. Great progress on both pieces.

  2. Love both the pieces your working on and nice progress.


  3. Great progress on both the projects!!

  4. You have to use your imagination a bit to see the Santas, but yes, I can already see them, lol.
    Great progress on Christmas Eve.

  5. Wonderful progress! I really love the Christmas Eve project, it looks so pretty.

  6. I've decided to take you up on your challenge and start stitching my PS Santas:) I really like the way you've put them together so I'm thinking of doing it the same way, although I need to get hold of a forth Santa lol. I LOVE Christmas Eve; it looks fab!!

  7. I love these PS Christmas designs, great progress!

  8. Great work on both pieces. It's funny, you can actually tell they are PS Santas even from those few brown stitches!