Monday, February 22, 2016


Hello blogger friends.
Yesterday was spent on WIP#2 and Yesteryear:
Lighter blue and some green stitching, yay!
Priority WIP#2- Pumpkin Hollow Farms: I wasn't happy with the window pane color (see from my last post here ), and it was the right DMC, I checked the picture and saw how lighter it was, so frogging had to be done. I'm still thinking of what shade to put. With that, I decided to go ahead with the border:
There's border at the bottom too which I'm currently doing (3371 if you wan't to know). Won't be long now, I can safely say this will be my first finish for the month (smug!)
On other news, feeling antsy about my (doomed?) Prairie Schooler buying frenzy, I looked into Amazon to check some PS charts, my oh my, highway robbery (on charts that I like, lol). Nope, not gonna bite! I did, however, from another site, bought some pairs of scissors to appease my guilt for the lost old loyal scissors.
Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. Wonderful progress Gominam. What PS charts are you looking for?


  2. They're lovely :). I love how pumpkin hollow is coming

  3. Great progress!! You are a brand ambassador for 3371 :)

  4. You are stitching some wonderful designs , love them all.

  5. They are both coming along very nicely:)) Despite all the 3371 lol! It certainly feels great when a finish and happy moment is in sight!!

  6. Oh they are both looking so good. I hope you find those charts you want, and NOT get ripped off.

  7. Again a very nice job , especially the small pictures with the nostalgic images like very much . The phone ... smile ... and a typewriter . Not to believe that these times so long now are after .
    Greetings Sandra

  8. Great work on both these pieces. I like how the people are now appearing in the yesteryears sampler.
    Sorry to hear that your house building is giving you problems though!

  9. Nice progress on both your WIPs.
    These PS charts will become very sought after now that they aren't designing any longer. The OOP charts have always cost a little fortune on online auctions. I wish you luck finding the ones you are looking for for some reasonable price.