Monday, February 15, 2016

Back to WIP#1

Hello dear friends. I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.
Without further ado, here's my progress on priority WIP#1, Farmer's Almanac by Prairie Schooler: 

I finished the sun and started the roof on both houses, all in 3371, until I just had to pick another hue, so there's some green grass at the bottom.
And a bonus, some red stitching on magazine chart. I did not complete the hearts for Valentine's but focused on the letters instead: 
You'll be seeing more of Farmer's Almanac this week as I'm bent on finishing it before month's end. Will be stitching on it like 2-3 hours (or more) at night, yep I don't sleep that early:)
Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. Great progress on both pieces!

  2. I'm glad you got a bit of a break from the brown lol:) The chart from the magazine looks really cute from what I can see

  3. Wonderful progress on both pieces Gominam.


  4. The PS piece is really taking shape now. The letters just look like an alien code right now LOL

  5. Good progress on both! Poor 3371, why did you break the bond on 14th ;)

  6. They look great! I try to stitch 3-4 hours a night too which is why I don't sleep until midnight usually lol

  7. Both projects are really coming along nicely! Keep it up :)