Friday, February 26, 2016

Happy dance again

Hello dear blogging friends.
I know the title is misleading. You'd think I finished another WIP in the same week, Farmer's Almanac perhaps? No way, lol.
This is what I wanted to show you:
My BFF sent me this picture. Yes, the birthday gift is now on her wall! This just made my day:) 
Now here's what's been going on with Farmer's Almanac:

 I just made an animal jigsaw puzzle. I'll be exclusively stitching on it tomorrow. Definitely want to show something before the 29th. 
Another reason for happy dance: my Prairie Schooler charts started coming in from various vendors. Woohoo!

Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. It's so nice to see our work appreciated! I love the animal jigsaw.

  2. It's great to see your work appreciated by your friend. And good for you to have the grass finished on the PS piece. I can see another finish getting very near.

  3. You lucky girl! How wonderful to have some new PS charts to stitch! Isn't it nice when your work is properly appreciated by your nearest and dearest:)) It looks great on her wall!

  4. That's definitely worth a happy dance. I'm so glad your friend appreciated her gift. Love your animal jigsaw haha. Will be fun to fill in the colors now. Glad your charts have started arriving.

  5. How awesome is that?!? I love that your friend appreciates your gift to her.
    I also love the way you think. An animal jigsaw puzzle! :)

  6. More great progress. Are you using the called for colors on the chart?


  7. The framed piece looks great up on the wall, it's so nice when people display your work and appreciate it.

    I love your "inset puzzle", that's the official name for those jigsaws LOL. You could stitch the animals on plastic canvas and make a real puzzle out of them!

  8. That looks great on the wall!! Great progress on the almanac. The animals are like white work :)

  9. It is so nice to know your friend has decided to put your work on her walls! Looks great too :)
    Love the shaped animals on your current WIP :)