Saturday, February 20, 2016

Brown and Blue

Hello blogger friends.
Just a quick update on two WIPs.
Added blue and more brown on Yesteryear. I love how this is turning out with a different floss color in.

Another brown shade on Farmer's Almanac:
Added the hay by the red house and of course, more brown built the house on the left. I'm now onto the greens on the left side. Hopefully I'll be halfway done on this side today. I'm planning on doing priority WIP#2 tomorrow.
Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. Great progress! I've never seen either of these designs before.

  2. Awesome progress on both of them. I have both charts and really need to start them.


  3. Lots of lovely progress as usual:) I love the way Yesteryear is growing and making more 'sense' with every stitch that you make! I didn't get that particular 'theme' to begin with - and to be truthful, all those brown squares didn't help LOL - but now I 'get it' and love to see it grow:))

  4. Lovely work~ It finally dawned on me what the month piece will be saying. And the red barn is a very common design around here. :D

  5. So lovely work on both of the pieces...well done !

  6. Beautiful work on both pieces! Keep it up.