Thursday, May 5, 2016

Santa's Back

Hello dear friends.
Thanks to all the birthday greets on my last post. I may have confused you, it's my birth month, the actual birthday doesn't happen til the last days of May, but I'm getting a headstart on online presents, lol. Nope, it's not customary to buy for your own, but in my book it's a free pass to splurge on stitchy stuff:)
On to some WIP progress...
Red stitching on both 2005 and 2006 Santas:
I managed the reds on 2005 Santa's quilt,
 and started the robe of the sewing Santa, the stocking, by the way, is a darker shade of red.
Here's the whole piece:
 I'm stitching this along with Annie . It's really fun having someone stitch with you and check out each other's progress, like a workout buddy, except it's only our eyes and fingers that get the workout, how many calories do you think you lose while stitching? hah.
Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. Happy Birth Month!
    The Santas are looking really great.

  2. Nice progress Gominam.


  3. I don't lose enough that's for sure! Great progress!

  4. Lovely stitching !! I hope your birthday month shopping is going on full swing :)

  5. I celebrate my birthday the entire month of June - and I buy myself several birthday presents. Enjoy YOU.
    These Santa's are looking great

  6. Looking great! If only we did lose lots and lots of calories, right? ;)

  7. The Santas are looking great! I love his little quilt.

    Stitching burns on average 86 calories per hour, 3 more than sitting watching TV. The larger a person is, the more they burn. Go figure!

  8. Lovely stitching! If only we could lose weight by stitching...

  9. Gorgeous.Your Santas' are coming along beautifully

  10. I also love SAL stitching for the same reason. I feel much more motivated when I stitch something together with a fellow stitcher.
    Nice progress on the Santas.

  11. I do not know how you get your pieces to look so prestine when you photograph them, haha! My stitching always looks so rumpled and creased - which it is of course, haha - and the light is always bad since I almost always end up taking pictures in the evenings...:) Despite me falling way, way behind lately I'm really enjoying being your online stitching buddy and I hope we can do it again soon! Maybe you can let me know which PS projects you want to stitch on over the summer and I can hopefully by one of the charts if I get some birthday cash - keep your fingers crossed! And happy birthday to you too:))