Friday, May 20, 2016

Cute as a Button

Hello friends. 
First off, thank you for the comments you have generously sent on my last finish, truly appreciate them. 
This is what I have been talking about last time:
Something to satisfy my sewing machine fascination. That doesn't give much of a clue does it? It's a magazine chart. I'll tell you about it next time because it's also related to the birthmonth haul.
I went out to buy the threads for this one (yep, the supply isn't going to be enough for the dark blues), and look what I spotted at Joann's:
It was right there in front soon as you enter the glass door. Haven't I finished you already? I felt like the queen bee likes me. Nope, I did not purchase those bags, but have started the other bee pattern (small one) from the same Prairie Schooler leaflet of Where there are Bees, and use the leftover GAST floss from I See Trees of Green
Update on the birthmonth stash enhancement - everything done online and I have already received two of them, I've been enabled by flosstube for the gadget. I have taken a picture already but I'm still waiting for some charts so I'll put them all together in one post.
Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. Lovely these bag and purse with the bee motif that you discovered. I'm not sure if I could have passed by without purchasing them , lol.

  2. Cute stitching lol the bees are stalking you :)

  3. Very cryptic! Have you seen the Bee design by The Primitive Hare in this month's Just Cross Stitch magazine?

  4. Now I'm curious:) Both as regards to your new WIP as well as your new stash:) I had a look at your PS haul as well as online, and I'm hoping I can get Santa's Night (or whatever it was was stitched on black anyhow and stunning!)next month (birthday money remember?). Then maybe we can stitch it together later on this year?? You don't have any PS Halloween charts, do you? They're kind of fun and I wouldn't mind getting one of those lol! Feel free to email me at so we can have a more detailed chat about our next SAL!

  5. Promising start, I am intrigued to see more :)