Monday, May 2, 2016

Bee is for Birthmonth

Hello dear friends.
First off, thank you so much for the comments on my last post. Truly appreciate it:)
It's May! Of course I know you wouldn't remember, but this is me in last year's post:
Wasn't that so immature?
I've grown mentally and emotionally this past year. 
So this is me now:
Hahaha. Yeah, I'm ready to attack that wishlist again. By the way, DH never (dare) gets in the way in this deep haul-searching, so that guy in the picture may represent something else, maybe the high-priced vendors? lol (and of course, that girl is not really me, how I wish, haha, those are from Korean dramas I've watched before. I used to watch "all"the time til cross stitch and flosstube and blogging, oh and work too, took me away from it).
I mentioned before that I bought 16ct. aida fabrics with my GAST floss, so that was an early birthday present. I'm now surfing for patterns and gadgets maybe. There's a download pattern that I'm really attracted to. Let's see how the budget will work out. Decisions, decisions.
My Big niece is also back from college, woohoo! Imagine a whole school year has just gone by. I might be spending some time at my sis this coming weekend. That's another thing to look forward to. 
So before everything gets crazier this month, I need to focus on the WIPs (but not as much progress as I've hoped for:(
 On Bees, I chose to finish the blues rather than continue the gray. So all those octagons are now filled in, just missing the bear's darling beehive.
I now stitched with the original shade of blue, and also decided to keep the darker blue crowns. Then it's a whole lot of gray stitching ahead, a whole lot. I'm not into it yet so next post will most likely be a Santa update.

Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. Your stitching is looking pretty!! Enjoy your Birthday shopping, I know it's fun to have loads of gifts and they are all guilt-free splurges :)

  2. Very nice! Is it a tradition to buy your own presents where you live?

  3. Happy Birthday Gominam. Nice progress.


  4. Great work on your Bee sampler. I remember that photo from last year, it made me smile then. As did Justine's comment. Doesn't every stitcher buy their own presents? Or make the person chose from a carefully curated list?

  5. Happy Birthday!!
    Well done on getting the right gifts for your birthday.... buying them yourself is the only way to do it!! :o)
    Love your WIP
    Hugs xx

  6. Happy belated birthday! And I'm sure you are not the only stitcher who buys their own birthday presents, lol. As Jo days in her comment. I do that as well, lol.
    Nice progress on the Bee sampler.

  7. Oh well, I have to actually hope for some cash gifts before I can treat myself to a birthday stitching spree:) I'm looking forward to seeing what new things you decide to get! If I ever let a man into my life again, he will definitely have to show the apropriate respect for my crafts and my crafty shopping sprees. And it would be nice if he paid for them too LOL!