Saturday, May 28, 2016

Birthmonth Haul (part 1)

Hello again blogger friends.
As mentioned last time, this is all about my online craze (which happens once a year, "for real?" "yes DH, for real!"
First up, the fabric: 
A yard of Ivory and Antique White 16ct. aida. Bought these for the Prairie Schooler ABC, but not keen on starting them now due to my download pattern purchase (that will be way below this post... curious?- just to make you read till the end, lol).
Next up, all Amazon transactions (free shipping!): 
Flosstube, what can I say? Been enabled by Teresa Little Stitcher for the Mag Eyes, and by Organic Granny for the Clover needle threader (demo provided in their videos:)
Like Teresa's, of course my DH had to say something when I first wore the MagEyes... that he saw this on a Spanish TV channel- a dentist was using it while cleaning a patient's mouth. Oh my, why can't he just say it reminds him of a jeweler like Teresa's DH! Now I'm stuck with that image, I hope the aida squares don't turn to teeth, geesh!!! Verdict: Still have to get used to it, I was moving my head a lot instead of adjusting the angle of the lens holder, lol. Magnification-wise, perfect!
I've also started using the needle threader, love it:)
Now on to some books/leaflets:
Doing a Felicity Hall right now (Make Do and Mend), the one with a sewing machine, I searched for her other designs. These are two books with her work, the one below is a collection with other creative designers:
Inside this book:

I want to do this one for my brother who likes cycling, marathon, anything that can bring extreme pain to your knees, lol. 

Scrabble! Isn't that cute?
Butterfly leaflet by Lanarte, it was selling cheap so that went in my cart as well:)
That concludes Amazon goodies.
And now, ooh, I'm happy to tell you I just made my very first Etsy transaction, hard to believe, right?
I was looking for an Asian theme, and I saw this pattern: 
Yuriko (download)
CrossStitchRinna at Etsy
She's got lots of more colorful Kokeshi dolls to choose from, I love this one.
But couldn't stop with just one: 
Were you shocked? hah. But I was drawn to the colors, and the style is something different - cubism?, something not too feminine which I haven't done before, so I got that too.
There are three other download patterns (from different shops) that I restrained myself from getting. We'll see them around Christmas, lol.
I'm now just waiting for the last package in the mail that has three pattern leaflets.
So there you have it. My own little way of gifting the good birthday girl.
Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. That's a great stash !! Love the Kokeshi doll pattern, so cute and colorful :) Looking forward to your art in dentistry ;) At least floss and dental are related terms so you cannot totally deny your DH relating the magnifiers with a dentist:)

  2. Great birthday stash!!! Like Preeti, my favourite has to be the kokeshi doll pattern you found on Etsy.
    This is so colourful, I love it and can't wait to see your take on it.

  3. Wow! That is some haul! The Fishermen is really cool and different.

  4. Nice stash! I was about to say if you like that Cross Stitch Designers book then you'll like Cross Stitcher magazine when I noticed it was published by them! Could be worth looking into the digital subscription?

  5. Am I shocked? No, not really, lol. This is truly a great stash haul that you were getting. Nobody can say anything against a new stash haul, lol. I hope you have a lot of fun with your goodies.

  6. You did great with the birthday stash haul! I love everything. Love that Alphabet and Number book!! I think I may have one or two of her designs in a magazine of mine so I am going to have to check that out. Yuriko is sooo cute! I can't wait to see what you are going to start first ;)

  7. Great stash! The fishermen is cool looking I bet it'll be fun to stitch!

  8. Wonderful purchases! I have most of those Felicity Hall designs; so colourful!