Sunday, May 15, 2016

PS Santas

Hello friendly bloggers.
Now it's Santa's turn at the stitching table.
I'm still not finished with red but could not resist doing some backstitch (dark gray and red):
 How cool is that sewing machine? My self-control is being put to test right now because of that. I'm so tempted to start a new piece with a sewing machine in it and will make use of my new light blue aida (courtesy of DSIL).
 The others got hold of needles too. That's the extra square of Quilting Santa I mentioned before, can't help the needle from sticking out of the margin. His beard is going to be white while the others are ecru. Doesn't he look like a snob...and he's the only one facing the camera:) 
Here's how they look now:
 Now, I'm only left with green and ecru for backstitch.
Back to my Bees this week.

Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. They look fantastic together!

  2. Wonderful progress. They look great.


  3. Hello again! You are doing sooo well - they look absolutely FAB all together like this! I love the sewing machine too, it is so pretty:) I have also decided to stitch the Santas' beards in white and not ecru, especially since my aida is offwhite which will make their beards completely disappear into the fabric. I hope I can buy the chart for the quilting Santa for my forth Santa - he's just adorable!

  4. That sewing machine is awesome!! Wonderful progress on your Santas

  5. Great work on all your Santas. Love the giant needles although I prefer a petite 28 myself! Will there be a design on the frame in the Needlework Santa?

  6. Wow great job! The back stitching really adds a lot to the design :)