Thursday, August 20, 2015

Travel stitching

Hello dear friends. Just dropping by for a quick(?) post. So we made it here in Gainesville. First day was spent cleaning (broom, gloves, wipes, and a gallon of sweat), helping Big niece unpack then we decorated her room today. Thanks a lot for your comments on the finish, Big niece loved it, so I'm happy;) I will probably be able to post some of those pics when I get back Saturday. 
Meanwhile, I can tell you what I picked for travel stitching. The original plan was to take along the Halloween pattern. But this came in the mail screaming "take me instead!" I wasn't expecting this to arrive as it comes all the way from...China. Yes, this is my first Aliexpress purchase. I saw a very interesting post by Tama of Stitching Daze on her gigantic pattern purchase that looked really magnificent that it got me curious (Thanks Tama;). 
Here it is:

Doesn't it look very much like a Soda pattern? It's called "Happy Day" from a seller called Amishop. What pushed me to get this was the yellow Beetle:) we used to drive one (yep, a yellow one) when we were kids, so many happy memories in that li'l car:) Does that spell "travel" or what?
What's in the kit: 14ct white aida, floss, chart printed on glossy paper (in color & symbols), 2 needles, 2 needle threader, a paper ruler and 2 pens.
Upon inspection: The packaging was not as great, the chart got crumpled in some areas as you can see on the pic, but the quality of the paper is super nice as well as the print, large enough for my eyes. I tried to use the pens on a small piece of cloth. Nope, not water soluble or disappearing type. Just regular gel pens. So I used my Clover pen. The fabric is good and hemmed on all sides, but soft for my touch and I wanted to have a bigger margin (more than 2 inches) just in case I frame it on my own (ooh, someone's getting confident, lol). So I got from my stash. The floss look ample, so I'll use them.
That's it for now.
Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. What a lovely chart:) Looking forward to seeing your progress!

  2. Cute design!! I will check that seller too. Looking forward to your stitching.

  3. Such a sweet design. This will certainly be a fun stitch.
    One of my first cars was also a yellow Beetle, and the yellow was really very bright. The seats were olive green, a weird colour combination.

  4. How sweet! I learned to drive stick shift on my boyfriend's(he became my husband ;) beetle. It was midnight blue.

  5. Looks good! I always wanted a beetle as a kid but wasn't allowed to get one because the engine is in the back. No protection from crashes. I tried to tell them the trunk would be full anyway but it was a no go lol. Looking forward to your progress!

  6. Love your new kit Gominam. Such a cute chart.


  7. What a cute chart! Glad to hear your niece is settled in.

  8. That one looks adorable! Glad I could entice you, haha! We used to have a beetle, too, but it was green. I always liked the yellow color on them :D

  9. what a great chart, you're so going to be a happy stitcher :) love it and the yellow beetle, cant wait to see your work :)

  10. Eee lovely chart! It does really look like a Soda pattern. Interesting that it came with pens, not water soluble ones at that! Maybe they assumed you'd use them on the chart?

    My mother had the yellow beetle too. :) Her's was the convertible version though!