Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Pattern purchase, WIPs and Key West

Hello dear friends.
So Christmas in July ended and these two patterns came knocking at the doorstep, these were already on the wishlist before the dawn of my flosstube craving:)
Reindeer Games by Country Cottage Needleworks
Yup, another Christmas theme. Well, just thought since 12 Days of Christmas is almost done (a reminder of gifts for each day), why not get a reminder of Santa's reindeer names, haha. And the design is adorable too! 
Yesteryear by LHN
This will be my first LHN. No backstitching required (just a few straight stitches), yippee!
Over at the stitching table we've got:
Two turtle doves
To keep in tune with 4 calling birds, I stitched the snowflakes in the same color. I'm so excited now for that Partridge!
Abby Angel's got a friend now and things are blossoming for Be the One. Sorry for the blurry pics, that's the best I can get without glare from the light.

On a different note, we went yesterday to Key West. It was just a day trip, we headed out at 9am and got back home at 10pm.
Here are some pics of the views (I wish I had a talent for taking photos but I just click, click, click that button, lol):
 People were lining up to get a photo with this:
Take note, most sights here are either southernmost or oldest;)
 Famous Key Lime Pie
   Apologies for the photo overload. So I guess I'll just post the others on my next blogpost (what!?! yep, there's more, lol)
Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. Beautiful stitching and lovely new charts!! Nice to see you had a fun outing:)

  2. With your Christmas embroidery you have made a wonderful choice . I like very much .
    The many photos were interesting , you live so incredibly far away from here more so I 'm always where I've never been fascinated by places and an entire ocean far away .
    Wish you a good time
    Greetings from Germany Sandra

  3. Nice photos, love your stitching And I have fell in love with the little Angel.
    Who is the designer ?

  4. Great post! Nice new stash, nice stitching progress & nice day out!! :D
    The cake looks so yummy!

  5. ooOoo! You have gotten so much done.
    I love these pictures. I have never been to Key West. Cool stuff.

  6. Yay! New stash! I love CCN and LHN designs. I hadn't seen the Yesteryear chart; now I must have it! Congrats on another block finish; only one more! Great progress on Be the One. Love all the photos from Key West; would you believe I lived in Florida for thirteen years and never made it down there? Shameful!

  7. Man so jealous! We never had a chance to get down there in our 6 years out here. Oh well maybe our next Florida vacation in ten years :)

  8. love your stitching and your photos are great, can never have enough photos :) what a great place you're visiting!

  9. We went to Key West once. It was such a beautiful area. Your photos are fine. Don't worry about being perfect. Most great photos are just really good accidents haha. Love your stitching!!

  10. Lovely stitching and new stash Gominam. Awesome pictures from your trip.


  11. Love your new Xmas chart and that Key Lime pie looks divine:))