Sunday, August 23, 2015

Happy Day

Hello dear friends. I'm back from Gainesville. Last night I just did some reading on blogs as I have not yet organized the photos and this body was aching so much from that bus ride (Sis said we're not doing that again, she'd rather drive, haha.) Good news is big niece is liking the place, she even took a selfie of her first ever campus bus ride, lol.
Let me show you what I've accomplished on "Happy Day" during our drive going to Gainesville (this was Wednesday):
I started the blue. I'm stitching on 14ct. white aida. The chart was on my lap because beside me was a big box filled to the brim with niece' things. Good thing I planned it all out in her car where the sun couldn't bother me, her stuff provided good shield, lol.
First day was spent disinfecting her room- which she first referred to as a cell. (we used alcohol wipes- she did each slat of those blinds, bed, furniture, I did the walls, and sis vacuumed the floors, vents).
Second day was shopping for necessities and decorating, this is how far we got: 
I bought a plain corkboard from Michael's and covered it with fabric where she could pin or hang pictures and notes. She decided the whole layout of her room (yep, we rearranged furniture, we consciously allowed her to torture us! Good thing there wasn't really much option in a small room so not much lifting required, lol)
She placed her frames by her bed (will remind her to have enough sleep!... that girl stays up late watching comedies, dramas and kpop;(  
And then she wanted to have bright color to look at when she's in bed. So this was our bonding DIY moment (we did this last week). It's a flower chain which she got the idea from the net. We got artificial flowers on sale (very cheap) at Michael's and used her dad's fishing line, lol. I covered the dowel in yellow ribbon.
The other side of the room is just her computer/study desk, closet and the door, not much decorating done there so I didn't take pictures.
Now we go over to some sightseeing of Historic Gainesville...
Thomas Center:
A private residence til 1920s, became a resort hotel, turned into community college in the 70s, and now a museum, houses art galleries and rents areas for business as well as weddings.
"William Reuben Thomas was educator, school administrator, banker, hotelier, land developer, retailer, and a state senator. He played a primary role in locating the University of Florida in Gainesville. Thomas Hall, the first campus building, is named in his honor."
1920s period rooms (Major Thomas residence was then called "Sunkist villa" where he lived with his wife and 5 kids)
The Galleries:
Personally, I loved looking at the roof, haha.
Ongoing exhibit is called Beauty and the Beasts:
I see a Hello Kitty on this one, do you see it?
That's it for now. I hope you didn't get bored with my long post, lol.
Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. Amazing to think they would raze this! Wow. Yes, I see Hello Kitty too.

  2. Her room is bigger than mine was! And I had a roommate lol

  3. Lucky her with a room to herself! I had to share. Looks like you guys had fun with the decorating and creating~

    I see the (somewhat creepy lol) HK! :D

  4. You all did a great job on the room. Looks like a great place to go to school.


  5. you did a great job on the room, making it all cosy and girlie. I see hello kitty LOL! :)

  6. How lovely that you are so close to your niece - I'm very close to my sister's kids too:) They are very important to me since I don't have kids of my own:) Look forward to following your progress on your new project:)

  7. The room looks really cute !! Great job !!:)

  8. Wonderful decorating! I love the flowers.

  9. I love what you did with your niece's room... it looks great! Great idea for the cork board and the flowers are lovely. Hope she settles in really quick!
    I always like seeing people's photos of the places I will probably never get to see in real life!!
    Thank you for dropping by my blog :o)
    Hugs xx

  10. Nice decorating of your niece's room. I think she will feel fine at that place.