Sunday, August 2, 2015

Floss haul and WIPs

Hello dear bloggers. I hope everyone had a very satisfying stitching weekend as I did.
I'm proud to say I have put on a temporary leash on the flosstube addiction and look what it got me...
Three French Hens
And major progress on Be the One. I'm left with no choice but to hurry up, Big niece' moving in is fast approaching.
I also used my Joann coupon this week: 
But wait, Christmas in July could not have ended without any pattern purchase (this is why I need to limit flosstubes, that wishlist!) Okay, I'm saving that purchase for my next blog post, time to stitch again.
Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. Nice stitching and lovely floss.


  2. Lovely stitching and colorful stash!! Looking forward to your 'pattern haul' :)

  3. Lovely progress on your projects! Isn't it nice with a new batch of colourful threads with endless possibilities for fun stitching?!

  4. Good for you! Looking great! Keep at it.

  5. Wonderful progress! Only two more blocks :-) Pretty new floss. You must try stitching while watching flosstube, then you can have both!

  6. Well done you! Can you stitch and watch Flosstube at the same time? I stitch and watch TV at the same time... :o)
    I keep hearing about Flosstube but for the time being I have stayed away... I really do not need anymore distractions!
    Hugs xx

  7. Great stitching and lots of yummy floss there.

  8. Lovely WIPs and your floss haul is awesome!
    I totally agree about flosstube and the Wishlist... XD

  9. Wonderful progress on Be the One. It looks gorgeous on the dark fabric. And you have a nice new heap of DMC threads.

  10. Great progress. See how much time the dreaded internet takes up? I went on a FB diet earlier this year and got so much more done. I ought to try it again.

  11. Ooo lookit all the floss! I'm heading to a Big City sometime in the future and am debating going into Jo-Ann's with a coupon. Hopefully I survive. :D

    It's amazing how much stitching happens when one stops being sucked into the internet lol