Saturday, January 28, 2017

2-WIP progress

Hello blog friends.
Just a quick WIP update. Definitely satisfied with the needle's speed this week. I had to do lots because next week will probably be slow or no stitching at all (is that even possible, haha), I will tell you about it later. 
So here's my latest Chickadee:  
Isn't that major progress? I'm sooo happy with it. I'm only missing two light floss colors on her and then just a small amount of backstitch. Hopefully, I can squeeze in those early next week for a finish. 
Then we have Spells' Store:
Fed up with brown, I did black. Lovin' it now. I also stitched and almost 3/4 done on my mystery start piece.
Now more of my story (I hope I don't bore you). Middle of the week I brought all my floss and fabrics to my sister's where it will stay for the next two weeks. Why? There's been some fumigation going on in our area for two days. The DH, although he didn't say it, must think I'm crazy. Well, yeah! Only perishables and opened containers need to be consumed or thrown out before the designated date. But I don't want to take any chances that some chemical/smell might stick to my dear xstitch supplies. We don't want that, right?😔
And then I'm also making last minute plans for the coming month which happens to be... our anniversary! Don't ask how long it's been, haha. And no, it's not on Valentine's Day. 
So that's why I said slow stitching for the next two weeks.
Lastly, I really appreciate your sweet comments on my latest finish. Thank you very much! I wish I could catch up on reading more of the bloglist, believe me I'm really trying...and I also want to update that list, add more, maybe next month...

Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. Lovely stitching!! My bday and anniversary are also in the next month.

  2. Awesome progress Gominam. I love the way you stitch with one color at a time. I'm not quite ready to try that yet.


  3. Both your WIPs have grown a lot. Great designs.

  4. I love your WIPS. I wouldn't want to jeopardize my precious stash with the chance of it all getting ruined either. My anniversary is in February also and it isn't on Valentine's Day. I am sure it will be a special day.

  5. Beautiful stitching,what gorgeous colours.I would take no chances with my stash either.
    Wishing you a happy wedding anniversary for next month:)

  6. Excellent progress on both - do love that chickadee. I would move my stash as well - smart move.

  7. Fantastic progress on both. The chickadee is so sweet. Happy Anniversary. Myself & my OH are also celebrating ours next month, also not on Valentine's Day :D

  8. Great stitching, the little bird is gorgeous

  9. You're right in moving your stash, wouldn't want our precious to get damaged!
    Great stitching too, the bird is looking great.

  10. Beautiful work on both pieces. Good luck with your next few weeks.

  11. Great progress on both pieces.

    I'd be moving my stash too!

  12. Loving your Chickadee! I would probably move my stash too. Hope they finish quickly and there are no lingering odors.

  13. That chickadee is so cute and every time I see the Spell Store I want to start it myself!
    I would also remove my stitching stash, you can't take any chances with smelly chemicals.

  14. Beautiful progress! I would have put my cross stitch in plastic bins lol