Saturday, January 14, 2017

WIP update

Hello dear friends.
Today I'm posting on two WIPs and a start! I like the current flow of things at the stitching spot, it's been a while... I haven't 100% caught on my bloglist reading though, for that I apologize. I'll get there somehow, been preoccupied with plans lately (not stitch-related... yet), big reveal will come in February, hopefully.
Without further ado, my two WIPs:
 This one is a joy to stitch, as it is small and colorful. I forgot to mention the name last time, it's called Black-capped Chickadee from Here's to the Chickadee by Crossed Wing Collection. Look how much progress:
 I wish to have a finish this month. Pinning my hopes on this one, it only entails little backstitching.
Next up is Spells' Store by Primitive Hare:
 No wonder I got to stitch a lot on the Chickadee, it's all brown. But I'm looking forward to the other colors. If you're wondering where my other WIPs are: Read Between the Lines and Sea Life are at my sister's (I left them and those will be stitched whenever I get to visit my little niece, as if I'm going to have any stitching time there, haha). Houses of Peace, the one in black is neatly folded in the drawer, I just can't deal with dark fabric for night-stitching for now.
Finally, here's something I'm excited about, a cute start. There's a deadline for this though (is that a clue?), so that makes me a little nervous, I hope I don't mess it up. But just in case I fail, I've got a back-up plan (when did I get so smart, hehe.)
Happy Saturday everyone.
Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. Great progress and lovely new start.


  2. Your WIPs are coming along nicely and good luck with the new start.

  3. You made wonderful progress on both your WIPs. This little bird will be darling.

  4. Lovely new WIPs can't wait to see them growing each week .
    Enjoy your Sunday .

  5. Great progress on your wip pieces.
    Intriguing new start, I wonder if it is anything Valentine related?! ;) Seems like something is brewing and it ain't coffee, as Tweety Pie would say!!

  6. Ooh you tease! I like the colours in your new secret stitch.

  7. Beautiful progress and great start!

  8. Lovely progress :) I finally caught up on my blog reading other than a few days here or there. It feels great to be caught up!

  9. Great progress on all the projects !! The last one, is that a Valentine's Day gift ? Red and all :)

  10. This is all most mysterious! A wedding? A voyage? I shall be following most closely.
    Love Spell Store, I have the magazine with that one in.

  11. Your chickadee stitching looks wonderful...looking forward to seeing it completed! Hope you get everything done by your deadlines :)

  12. Everything looks great! I am rooting for a finish for you too and good luck on your new piece!