Saturday, January 7, 2017


Hello blog friends!
I missed you! My first post for the year! Everything's finally settling down after the holidays. I finally organized my Christmas haul... yipee! 
I ordered more fabrics this week and that hasn't come in yet. As for charts... 2017 will be a major sampler stitching year. Yep, I'm drawn to stitching words (as keenly noticed by our dear Jo from my last post). I''m not going to set any annual goals this time as you know how I poorly did the past year's.
Let me start off with the books I got from Amazon (cheaper but fairly new/good condition books)
Brenda Keyes' Traditional Samplers ($0.79 + $3.99 shipping, that's a steal!)
Elizabeth Bradley's Needlework Antique Flowers ($0.01 + $3.99 shipping) - I just love the pictures on this one, the charts are handwritten (not computerized) and too small and uses EB wool which is not readily available (this was printed 1993 but still in very very good condition). So I might need to search for DMC conversions for that (if I don't get lazy😫) or I just might end up reading the pages on this one than stitching. Can anyone suggest other good sampler books with charts in them?
Beyond the Garden Gate (also $0.01 + 3.99 shipping) - I was after the 4 patterns of framed orchard fruits on this one, but there are more nice charts inside. 
Sampler charts galore... Let's start off with Rosewood Manor:
 These three had been on the wishlist since early last year. A lot of flosstubers have beautifully started And A Forest Grew, so that was the final kick to put these in the cart.
Plum Street Samplers:
 Those three above were on sale (like almost half-off), and the one I really spent on (which has been sitting on my wishlist too) is The Flood, which will be my first ever Noah's Ark (always wanted to do at least one). 
 Other patterns I got:
 Barbara Ana's All Creatures Great and Small, which is quite popular on flosstube too (I don't do facebook). Don't you just love it when you see others doing what you should have started a long time ago, hahaha. Moira Blackburn's Three Things Sampler - this was on sale, so I got it, but what I was really eyeing was the Time and Season Sampler which is not available in the catalog.
These last ones were also on sale so they jumped in the cart as well:
Now I'm overwhelmed with big projects, LOL. So I just started with that tiny chickadee on the bottom right on 16ct. French Lace Aida:
Apologies for the blurry pictures. I hope you're all starting 2017 on a good stitching note. I'm back to stitching Spells' Store. Till next time.

Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. Nice start and great new stash Gominam.


  2. Wow so many great projects! Good luck stitching them all!

  3. Good luck stitching all your samplers. Are you planning on stitching one at a time or having a mix going?

  4. Lovely designs to stitch in 2017,looking forward to seeing your choices.

  5. Ho ho haul is right!! Wow! Good for you my friend! I am finally going to work on a big project of mine. It is time.

  6. What a haul! Great patterns and a nice start on a new project.

  7. Great stash. I have the Brenda Keyes book. I love it and have stitched some projects from it. Any of her books are great if you can get them. The other one of her's I have is called The Sampler Motif Book. I also have a book about samplers from the V&A - ISBN is 9781851772902 for the paperback. It's not got charts but it has awesome photos!
    Here are the two Brenda Keyes' designs:

  8. Wow....great haul! I will enjoy cheering you along on all of them.

  9. That is quite the haul indeed! You chose some really wonderful designs and I can see that you're going to have a lot of happy stitching hours in your future!

  10. Awesome Christmas haul! Santa must have noticed you were a good girl! I hope you have many great stitching hours enjoying your new stash!

  11. I do love ALL the charts and books that you purchased and even have some of them in my stash, just not the ones by Rosewood Manor. But no idea when I will stitch them.
    Good luck with yours.