Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Hello dear blogging friends. Many thanks for the kind words on my last update😉
You ask "why" is the title "why"? Exactly, I don't know why this could be happening🤔 Last post I was so eager to start my vacation... Murphy's Law. Yep, not a good start so far, hopefully it gets better though.
"Why" did I say that- The weekend was spent at sister's, with The little niece. Saturday night came, she was already feeling sick. Sunday she had fever. Too weak to go to school next day. She told her mom that a classmate sitting behind her kept coughing last week. Turned out more kids got sick. Good ol Auntie felt throat soreness yesterday, and now feeling under the weather. Geez. The past few days, internet connection was poor too. I'm still catching up with your blogs, especially Jo's Birthday Blog Hop which I totally enjoy. There was an outage they said, when it finally came on, guess what? My laptop did that weird sound again and totally went blank, aaahh😱. So I had to sleep it off for the night (no blog reading, posting, flosstube viewing). It's now up again (but the net is still slow from time to time), so I'm taking the opportunity to post as quick as I can. 
On the brighter side, I got lots of stitching done. My bad I didn't introduce the design last time...
 Away We Ride
by Blackbird Designs
16ct. homemade tea-dyed (love the sound of that) Aida (originally white)

 Prairie Schooler's Prairie Stars
 Time was also spent weeding out magazine stash (that I have cunningly hidden at my Sister's... because I have more at home:(. I actually started last week at home with seven 90's to early 2000' books, took out the designs I think I might stitch someday (right!) and now filed in a binder. These are at least newer magazines from 2012-2014:
 Next week, sister's hubby, DBIL, will be returning after attending to some business back home. "Why" did I mention this? Because he'll be bringing a new Karaoke CD (updated with new songs) and 3 cross stitch patterns I told my younger brother to search for. Now little niece and aunt are so excited (coughing laugh).
Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. Oh no, you poor thing!! Hope things get better for you.At least you are getting lots of stitching time and your progress is brilliant. I did the same thing with my magazine, took out everything I thought I would stitch and recycled the rest. Really cut down on the space they were taking up and I haven't bought any physical magazines since, a few digital but they don't require any space.

  2. I hope you get better soon.
    You have made great progress on your stitching projects.

  3. I am sorry you are ill on your time off. :(
    I have all those magazines also.

  4. Hope you feel better soon. Great new start and your doing a fantastic job on Prairie Stars. I'll send you mine to stitch when your done with yours. LOL


  5. Hope you feel better soon.Good progress on your projects!

  6. Get better soon love all your beautiful stitching.

  7. Oh no; I hope you are feeling better. I hate weeding out magazines...I never seem to be able to part with any of them because you just never know! LOL

  8. Get well soon! Illness should not be allowed on holiday weeks.
    Love the new start and great work on the PS piece.
    I want to come and read your CS&N magazines. I wish they would do a CD like JCS did because I'd buy it but they don't even do a digital subscription.

  9. I hope that you already feel a lot better by now.
    Great progress on your WIPs. And in these magazines you will certainly find some designs that appeal to you.

  10. Beautiful stitching :). I hope your vacation finished well, I'm sure I'll read all about it hopefully soon when I get caught up!