Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Framed, Delivered and Appreciated (and more stitching)

Hello blog friends. Thanks for the lovely words on my last finish post.
What a diff'rence a day made, 24 little hours (so the song goes, actually it's been two days since I posted). I'm so excited to share with you now my framing achievement! But before that, let's have some more stitching progress on not one- but two WIPs! I'm making most of what's left of my work-free week.
Away We Ride
Prairie Stars
Okay, now that we got those out of the way... Oooh, I'm really so happy to be posting about this. Here's the frame I bought weeks ago from Michael's, at less than $5 with the sale and extra coupon:
Doesn't it look almost like the one on the magazine?

Finished, polished, of course I didn't bother wrapping this labor when I presented it to a surprised (he had to act the part) DH. He was really pleased at how it turned out, so much so he almost played it on the record player (okay that's too much acting! haha). But I'm so sure he was genuinely pleased for he allowed me to borrow these for another round of photo shoot:
These are what's on his cd playlist right now so I had to be content. Asking for the real LPs will be really pushing it, LOL (...maybe when I stitch his favorite Album cover, hmmm).
On other stuff, I'm still having issues with the net connection every now and then. I'm slowly catching up with the bloglist which I'm doing alphabetically. That's why there's a lot of stitching time going on. The brother-in-law arrived late last night (flights got delayed from Japan and New Jersey) and this morning I got the new charts I asked my brother to search for. Three (OOP) Mirabilia patterns...which I don't have any plans of starting yet, I just like the idea of having the patterns on hand (crazy). 

Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. Fantastic progress on your stitching as always. The framing looks wonderful, the simple black frame is just perfect for the piece. I'm glad your DH was happy with the result.

  2. Congrats on the great finish !! :) That's a lovely gift to your DH !
    Your brother searches charts for you? My brother won't even understand what I am asking for :)

  3. Your framed LP finish looks great!!!
    Your DH has a rocking stitching wife :)

  4. Great work on your two WIPs, Prairie Stars is almost done now.
    The LP looks great in its frame, your hubby has very eclectic tastes! I can't be doing with jazz though - it's too twiddly for me!