Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Prairie Stars and a start

Hello blog friends.
It's another Prairie Stars update.
 I managed to put in lots on the sixth frame. And because I don't want to put in the light-colored stitches yet I went ahead and started the last row. Yes, I'm finally on the last row, woohoo!
Moreover, I have a start to add to the rotation. Here's the fix(???) I did on the botched coffee-dyed fabric (that I washed again and again to rid of the strong smell): 
I know it looks like I just spilled something on it, correction please I sprayed a bottle of French Vanilla tea (with a hint of cinnamon)😉. Forgive me for not giving up on this ratty cloth, I want to save it as my first (and maybe last) dyeing attempt, haha.
I'm not too concerned about how the edges look because I measured the Halloween pattern I'm using it for and it won't reach the nasty markings. Now this one smells heavenly that I couldn't resist putting in the first stitches (didn't even bother finishing the gridlines).

Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. Great progress!! Enjoy your coffee flavoured stitching:)

  2. Great progress on your stitching. I think your dyed fabric looks great! It's perfect for a Halloween project too.

  3. French vanilla tea?? Sound heavenly good, even for fabric dyeing ;)
    Great start & progress on the Santas too.

  4. Awesome progress on the Prairie Starts Gominam. I think your dyed fabric looks great and nice start.


  5. Beautiful progress and great new start.

  6. Oh, I didn't know that there is a third row underneath the first two on the PS project. This gets more and more beautiful.
    I love your hand-dyed fabric and think it's great for a Halloween design.

  7. Lol you can do it! Great progress :)