Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Two WIPs

Hello friendly bloggers.
Been having quite a lot of energy and stitching time lately. I hope this goes on and on until I get a finish for August. I'm actually hoping to have at least two for the month, as I've only been turning in only one monthly finish recently.
So here now is my first WIP, Prairie Stars:

 I might have posted before that all 9 ornies will be stitched together. I didn't just decide on it like that (taking consideration of my mediocre sewing and ornie finishing), this also required careful planning (really?) as the patterns don't exactly match in size. They are 41 squares in height, but this particular Santa is 42 squares. Now his legs are one square short. Doesn't make much difference, I think. All the designs that go on both sides shall have 30 squares in width, but the three in the middle will all have 31. I'm not making sense am I?  You'll see what I mean when I've gotten more stitched up.
And this is my secret stitching restarted:
 You can already decipher the words, right? Please tell me you do, or else I'll start thinking I'm a genius, LOL.
Due to eagerness with the new count (from 11 to 14 ct), I messed up the margins, the left side is smaller than the right, but it still had enough space, so we're good.
My floss purchase also came in, so next update will probably be on We Thank Thee Sampler.

Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. That's great that you are on a stitching spree:) You Rock !! ;) I like that white polka-dot background in the first image.

  2. You Rock! Love it :o)
    I like your PS stars.... great progress. Looking forward to seeing them all stitched together
    Hugs xx

  3. I can see the words! (putting hand up like girly swot!) Both projects looking great.

  4. Oh that pointsetta is so pretty!! Yes, you do rock! ;)

  5. Great work, you rock!

    Silly question, but if the three middle ones are taller, why not put them all in the same row instead of the middle column? Or does that spoil the design?

  6. LOVE your stitching and yes your planning makes sense to me :) I can read it and You Rock also!!

  7. Love your projects. You Rock.


  8. Everything is looking wonderful , happy stitching.

  9. Great progress! Keep it up!!

  10. Lol I can read them but it took a minute. You do too ;). Great progress!