Sunday, August 28, 2016

Stitching brown & red (& more art fr. Gainsville)

Hello sweet blog friends.
So happy to share with you another progress report.
 The reindeer finally made an appearance. Of course I had to put that red belt on him, dapper isn't he?👍
Unfortunately, I haven't received my Rum Raisin order yet. It looks like I won't be having an August finish.

I was able to set time for more museum pictures though. Let's take a trip to some continents courtesy of the Harn Museum of Art:
 That's the Hammering Man, a 24-foot steel sculpture just outside the museum.
 They have a new exhibit (started August 16, just a day before we visited) called Aftermath.
 At the information desk they were giving flyers and advising (esp. those with kids) of the graphic content in the gallery. But this is an eye-opener on the physical as well as emotional effects of war on both people from America and the Middle East. (Non-flash photography is permitted).
Next gallery features portraits of Frida Kahlo. Little niece said she knows about her because they discussed her in class, so she really found this interesting:
Some artifacts from Mexico:
 The Modern Gallery:
The Asian Collection features ceramics, jades, sculptures:
 Jades (1644-1911):
 Look how detailed they are, fascinating:)
 Sculptures from India:
Shiva and Uma sandstone (10th century) 
 Dancing Ganesh black stone (13th century)

Kogo incense boxes from Japan  (16th to 19th century):
 Contemporary Japanese ceramics:
The African Wing features Dress Masquerades of Ghana and Zara Masks of Burkina Faso:
 This concludes my museum visits in Gainesville. Now I only have that one DC museum to organize. Until next time.

Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. Great progress!! Thanks for sharing pics and taking us around the world. So nice of you to think about your blogger friends from various countries while taking pics:)

  2. Lovely stitching really bright colours, thanks for sharing you photos too.

  3. The reindeer is so sweet. I shared the Frida exhibit with my daughter. :D

  4. Beautiful progress! Love your museum pics. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great stitching, love the reindeer.
    Thanks for sharing the museum experience for those of us that are unlikely to go there in person!

  6. Wonderful stitching, the piece is very cute! Love your pictures from the museum.

  7. Nice progress on your PS. Great museum pics.


  8. The Reindeer is dapper with that belt around him! Beautiful museum pictures; I just love the jade and the sculptures. Thanks so much for sharing.

  9. Lovely stitching! Great pics from the museum.

  10. Great photos and lovely stitching! I love the reindeer :)