Wednesday, July 13, 2016

We Thank Thee

Hello blog friends.
I'm finally breaking down some walls, stitchwise of course.
In place of Rum Raisin (which I'm reserving for the words because my energy isn't enough for frogging what I've started), I have chosen to stitch the border in DMC 154 which I think looks closer than the conversion charts I've searched up (thanks for the advice I've gotten from you guys!) 
 Those are the dark circles on the border. Then I also did the Red Pear stitches which enclose those circles. I had been more successful with this Weeks Dye hue, only a few snags encountered. I do use Thread Heaven but nowadays I usually use it on 16ct. fabric. I have also started Old Oak Tree by Classic Colorworks- that's the "O" in Morning which is supposed to be a sun after backstitch. You see how variegated that is? Hmm, harder to match on DMC but I'll get there (just by thinking of the extra expense;(

Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. Looking good , look forward to seeing it grow, well done.

  2. Great progress and I like the colours you're using, the conversion charts are doing the trick :)

  3. I am sorry this is all causing such a trouble for you my friend. It looks splendid thus far!

  4. Beautiful progress! Glad you have found something that you are happy with. That's all that matters.

  5. Great progress. I think it's good to use the DMC conversion unless the variegation is essential to the design.

  6. I think the colours you are using are well chosen.