Saturday, July 16, 2016


Hello friendly bloggers.
This post is all about control. Yep, I have been crossmatching flosses to avoid breaking the piggybank.
This is Old Oak Tree, I have started using it for the items inside (such as the sun and that little house there by the heart). This is the same thread for the border, and since we know one skein wouldn't suffice, with my guesstimate it would probably take three more to get the job done (that would be >$6 plus shipping), I've decided to match its darker shade which is closest to DMC 434.
No issues of tearing, shedding, ahh, so good to be with you again DMC (and you're cheap, haha)
I mentioned before that one of my coworkers is on extended leave, so please bear with me for being late on my blog reading duties. I haven't even attended to my last two museum pictures:( The extra time and energy I've got is spent unwinding with the stitches (doesn't that sound conflicting?), I don't even open my laptop at night when I get home. Nevertheless, I appreciate all the comments you leave on my posts. Thank you so much.

Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. Awesome progress and 434 looks great.


  2. Sounds like you are having such busy days.
    Your work looks lovely , I change my threads too .

  3. Looks like an excellent solution!

  4. Good idea subbing the DMC for the border. I like the DMC variegated threads which aren't that expensive.

  5. Beautiful border!! I liked the fonts too :)

  6. It looks fantastic, I really like the colours.

  7. Great progress and good choice of colors

  8. Beautiful progress and great color choices.