Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Back with Two WIPs

Hello dear blogging friends. It's me again:) First off, huge thanks for the kind comments on my latest finish, truly appreciate each one of them. Second, I'm way behind my blog reading. I'm trying to catch up slowly, when I got spare time it happens that my net connection works poorly, the photos won't load as fast so as the comments. 
Now let's get down to stitching...
All done with happy dance at the start of the week, I wondered what would be next...
 So I thought I "must begin with a single step," lol. It's about time to pick up Begin Row, my first WIP of the year.

 I stitched the letters in 924, a blue shade, instead of 730.
 And I definitely had enough time for my magazine chart. Finished the words and some hearts and started working on some birds.

Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. Lovely stitching! I especially like the second one, the colours are so pretty!

  2. Oh, I can see that both of these are cute designs.

  3. Lovely progress, they are both coming along nicely.

  4. Beautiful progress on both.

  5. Very nice embroideries.

  6. Nice progress on both designs.


  7. Great progress on both of them!!

  8. Looking good! I love all those little trees.

    I had not heard of the second expression and had to look it up. I do hope it's not about frogging! There is never a right time for frogging LOL

  9. Beautiful stitching on both designs.