Sunday, March 27, 2016

Stitchy weekend

Hello blog friends. A wonderful Easter evening to you and your family:)
Happiness is... having another finish! 
I put all other WIPs down for the rest of last week until I could finish...
by Little House Needleworks
16ct. Lite Oatmeal Aida 
 Some close-ups: 

 It has been 2.5 weeks since I last posted on Yesteryear but I've been picking it up on some days. I changed all the cream (712) into white because it gets lost on the fabric. I actually used 3 strands on those to make it more pronounced. I just have to imagine the peeps were into super-bleaching their clothes in the old times, lol.
 And since we have another finish for the month, I thought I'd extend this joyous moment with...
Another start, yippee!!! (you would really be such a stitching nerd if you guessed what that pattern is, haha).
It's 4 Prairie Schooler Santas which I've decided to stitch together on a 14ct natural aida. But this was tricky though, year 2005 is one square extra in width:( It's the one holding a quilt. I placed it on the lower left corner, be forewarned that one of Santa's fingers may look short, lol.

Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. Beautiful. Happy Easter to you. :)

  2. Congrats on the gorgeous finish.


  3. Congratulations on your beautiful finish.

  4. Yesteryear turned out so cute.
    Can't wait to see the PS Santas.

  5. Lovely finish! It really looks very striking. I've never seen this one before, it's unusual.
    Enjoy your new start and Happy Easter!

  6. Congrats on the fantastic finish! Great new start. I look forward to watching it grow.

  7. What a neat finish! Congratulations!

  8. Congrats on the lovely finish!! :) Yes, happiness is another finish! Looking forward to your stitching on the new start.

  9. Congratulations on the Happy Dance for Yesteryears. It is a lovely nostalgic piece.
    Of course I guessed straightaway about the PS designs, the gaps in the borders really gave it away. I simply matched them with the charts. NOT.

  10. Yesteryear turned out great!

    I've never seen the PS Santas done together like that, what a neat idea.

  11. Yesteryear is beautiful What a wonderful finish. Thank you for sharing. I have this in my TO START pile. Now it is even more tempting after seeing your finish.

  12. I love it! It is such a fun design and it looks beautiful the way you have finished it:) I really hate when the thread colours kind of 'disappear' into the fabric, so I've been known to make some of those kind of changes too:) And of COURSE they wore crispy white clothes at that time lol!


  13. Beautifully your finals! The nostalgic images have such a wonderful charm. The one with the white, I know only too well, therefore I embroider hardly on white linen.
    I hope you had nice Easter days and I am looking forward to your new embroidery. I could not guess .... laugh ...
    Greetings Sandra

  14. Happy dance! Congrats on your latest finish :)

  15. A great finish, I just love it.
    And a new start, and it will be Prairie Schooler. These Santas will look great together.