Monday, March 14, 2016

Of fabrics and scissors

Hello friendly bloggers. No WIP update tonight, but next post will definitely showcase a... finish! I'm just putting in the last details on it,  just give me more Time (that's a hint there, lol). Even if there's no WIP here, I hope you read this til the end. By the way, I've been reading the comments and I feel so loved right now with all the great PS Alphabet ideas you've thrown at me:) I'm amped with the idea of a smaller count or different fabric, and then when I'm ready to hit that button to buy the fabric I freeze. You would probably laugh that it's just an 18ct. aida that I'm looking at, haha. But it's one of my goals for this year to try, hopefully I'll get down to it when I get enough time off. I'm still trying hard to wean myself from 14ct. Baby steps...
Speaking of fabric, my purchase came in for some charts I plan to start in the coming days as I'm already counting two finishes this month.
L-R: 14ct black, 14ct vintage country cream, 14ct. blue blizzard opalescent, 16ct. French lace aida.
The blue blizzard, with its shiny specks uncaptured by this photographer, is for PS Christmas Eve and the Vintage country cream is for another Reindeer chart. Hmm... I think this month is officially a Christmas stitching month for me.

I'm sure you've been in a situation where you lose something dear to you and you try to replace it. Then you go online and it's your mind you lose this time around. Well, what if I tell you, I just found my old scissors in one of the deep deep pockets of my tote a day before I got my new scissors from the mail. But I'm not kicking myself for it. I still love the them all, lol. We're not in the operating room okay?
The two leftmost pairs are Gingher birthday scissors and the one lost and finally found old scissors:

Weapon of choice in the new batch: the one with large handles, super sharp and cute. The larger stork will take permanent residence at my sister's so I don't have to worry about bringing a pair when I go there. And the one beside it is just as lovely, it's so light that I actually find myself reaching for it more than my old ones which I put in tin cases for floss assigned for each WIP.
And now let me try to tug at heartstrings here. Last week, a young lady (same age as my Big niece) who I see three times a week at work started cross stitching. She's been in a sad mood for some weeks now, so she gave it a try. I gave her pieces of 11ct. aida (yes, I do have 11ct, lol), some floss and letter pattern... and she never looked back. The girl has been asking me for easy patterns. She's done a cute pig and is now doing a classic cameo (silhouette). Below is her first finish (posted with her permission):   
So, last Friday, I presented her with her first stitching kit:)
The tin case includes size 22 needles, needle threader, some floss for her cameo silhouette and the new smaller stork scissors. She was genuinely pleased with it, esp. the scissors! 
So you see, I think I should thank my old scissors for temporarily hiding from me:)

Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. Aww that's great! I'm sure she loved it! I can't wait to see your finish :)

  2. You can't have enough scissors, can you? Lol. You have a nice collection here. And what a lovely fabric purchase for your future projects. And if you can stitch on 16 ct fabric you can also stitch on 18 ct. No big difference.
    Your young friend seems to be on a good way as a stitcher.

  3. OH my, you are brave to want to venture into the land of 18-count..! I haven't mastered the 16-count yet...way to scary and fiddly lol.
    I love your new fabric stash; looking forward to seeing them all in use:) And what a collection of scissors! I must admit to using cheap ones from IKEA and general craft stores...
    How wonderful that you could spread the love for cross stitching - I tried to get my niece into it but so far that's an unsuccessful task:((

  4. I love your scissors!
    I am sure the young lady who stitched the lovely M was touched by your kindness. Stitching is a lovely past time and can be so theraputic.
    I am heading in the opposite dierction fabric wise:) I am stitching with more 14 and 16 count aida these days although I do have a 27 count project that I am back into stitching,now I can see the holes!

  5. Well done on encouraging a new stitcher! Her monogram is really pretty and beautifully stitched. I hope she will allow you to show more of her work in future. Or maybe she could start her own blog?!
    Lovely fabrics and what a scissor collection!

  6. YOU are great! Good for you encouraging this young lady. :)

  7. I love working on different fabrics. I wish you lots of luck finding what you are comfortable with because that's the most important part. Love your scissors. Glad you found your hidden pair. Tell your friend her piece is fantastic and Good luck on her next one.

  8. What a great scissor collection! I almost bought the ones with the big handles as a gift for my daughter as they are gorgeous, but she had her eye on a different pair....maybe I should have bought both and treated myself to those!

  9. What a great scissor collection! I almost bought the ones with the big handles as a gift for my daughter as they are gorgeous, but she had her eye on a different pair....maybe I should have bought both and treated myself to those!

  10. Love your scissors but glad to hear you found the old ones. Yeah for another stitcher.


  11. What a lovely collection of scissors. I only have a few pairs but I might buy more, it's so useful having a pair with each project!
    The M is lovely, that is a veryt neat piece of stitching. She has a great stitching future ahead of her, I'm sure!

  12. Lovely scissor collection. I only have a couple and they always seem to be migrating around the house. I'll have to get more to keep in every stitching location haha.

    And so, another stitcher is enabled! :D It doesn't take long and soon she'll be after all your Prairie Schooler designs haha!