Monday, March 7, 2016

Prairie Schooler Haul

Hello dear blog friends.
There's just something about the word "closing" that puts me under a buying spell. I did the same thing around this time last year with Cross Country Stitching Magazine (that's why I feel guilty seeing the pile that I have to stitch some charts from it). Now it's Prairie Schooler, and to think I just stitched my first PS ever with Summer Breeze last year, lol. I enjoyed stitching and framing it.
After five order cancellations and weeks of finger-tapping, I'm posting some of that haul. I'm still waiting for three which I hope don't get cancelled, other charts I've given up searching.
Here we go, apologies for the blurry pics:
 I got the Alphabet series. I was actually uncertain at first if I should give it a go. This was quite a task as GHI seems to be out of stock in most sites. Isn't that interesting? It would be understandable if it's ABC that's hard to find. So between this series I also considered the "Fairy tales/Fables (Little Red Riding Hood, Three Pigs, Tortoise and Hare, Three Bears which is also OOP I think) or the Months with December missing in most. Eventually the Alphabets won, hey it's only 9 charts against 12 (months):)
Next are Christmas charts:
 I like reindeer. I don't know why, I just like them. I did one last year too. 
And the Santas bearing gifts to make every stitcher's Christmas merry:) I plan to stitch four of them together- years 2004 to 2007.
Among all these charts, my favorites:
Christmas Eve absolutely took first place, I already ordered fabric for it online, can't wait to start it. I love the red, green, white, okay maybe the brown too which happens to be 3371 (again!), haha.
Second place goes to Garden Samplers which is OOP (and selling at high price on some sites). This has been on my wishlist for a long time waiting for it to get cheaper... and it did, patience is a virtue:) The chart picture doesn't look nice but I have seen a finished picture of it on the net. I love the middle piece with the flowers so bright and pretty. 

And now I'm overwhelmed. I don't know how I'm going to tackle those alphabets. It's going to take a huge fabric to stitch all of them together. If you know my reputation with large fabric, not so good! I've stitched only in aida and by hand. Large fabric and my small frame you know how it goes (right, Petal Fairy?) It's going to be a challenge, lol. 
This is all for now, still stitching on WIPs.

Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. Love all of your new stash. I actually have all of those charts.


  2. Well, that is definitely a lot of stash and will certainly keep you busy for a little while :)

  3. Fantastic new stash!!! I look forward to watching your progress!!!

  4. Wow! I would say you are good for quite a while. You could try moving out of your comfort zone and decreasing the count size of your fabric by just a tiny bit. It might make a big difference in fabric required?

  5. Great stash haul,it is lovely to treat yourself now and again:)

  6. OH MY, OH MY, OH MY, I'm just green of envy over here in Sweden!!! How many wonderful charts!!! I sincerely hope I can get my hands on some PS reindeers too soon...I guess the diet of bread and pasta will continue for a while...
    I can't wait to see you stitch all these - isn't it just our luck that we fall in love with Prarie Schooler when they close down their business...! You'll have to enjoy all them charts for me as well LOL:)

  7. Oh wow, you did have a splurge! Great stash. I was impressed that you got G,H,I because I know that one is hard to get. Am I a stitching geek or what?
    You could stitch the alphabet over one on 25 count? That would shrink it quite a bit but be easier than 28 count. Or even 22 count would reduce the size and be more like aida stitching.

  8. Wow!! You were really under the 'buying spell' :) looking forward to your stitching from these. Can't those alphabets be done one at a time on small piece than on a large fabric if it is not easy to work. The pieces can be joined together if you are good at patchwork.
    One more suggestion, start stashing 3371, you never know when it is out of stock :D

  9. Absolutely fantastic, your new Prairie Schooler charts. I'm a fan of all Prairie Schooler designs and the Garden Samplers are among my favorites. I can't wait to see which one you will start stitching on first.
    The other commenters already had wonderful ideas for the alphabet. I once saw a quilt on a blog and all the quilt blocks were these alphabet charts. It was just awesome.

  10. Maybe you should invest in a cone of 3371 haha! This is a lot of PS charts. I like seeing the alphabet series (of course K is my favorite) but wouldn't stitch them myself. I very much like 22-count (hardanger) fabric. It's nice and boxy like Aida but you can squeeze more in in the smaller space.