Monday, October 5, 2015

Not really for Stitching...

Hello dear blogging friends.
Two weeks ago there was a career development fair at our workplace. University giveaways galore! We really look forward attending such events because we need pens, lol. I don't know how one can leave a cellphone on the desk for an entire day and nothing happens to it, but leave a pen for a minute and it magically lands in someone else's hands, hah:)
Anyway, let me just say something about one of the freebies - a cellphone holder. I don't really use one so I was wondering what to do with it.
 For this photo shoot I finally brought out my birthday scissors (the one I asked poor DH to buy;). I also tried needles, some stick, some don't. You see the flowers at the bottom? I glued that to hide the school's name.
Bobbin therapy again last night... 
I haven't finished after more than an hour, thanks to some bothering from DH, but in his defense he was asking for my opinion on some things:) So I had to put bobbinating aside.
Now we go to Happy Day-
You can tell I'm really enjoying this one. I'm so excited to see everything taking shape, thank you for all the encouragement! I finished three colors, woohoohoo!
Purple on the gift and bouquet/flowers, steel gray on the car, shop windows and house, and peacock blue on the shop.
Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. Fantastic progress!! Freebies are always nice.

  2. Awesome progress. I really do need to buy that kit.


  3. Happy day is looking very sweet!! Pen is a good reason to attend the fair;)

  4. Nice conversion! This project is still looking great!

  5. What a great use for your freebie. Love your stitching progress, it is looking wonderful.

  6. Ingenius use of the cell phone holder. Is it sticky that the pen and scissors stay in place? I like that you covered up the school name with flowers. You could probably use nail polish remover to remove ink on plastic. I've used it many times.

    Stitching progress looks good!

  7. Wow, I've been under the weather for a few days...and look at your progress!! It is really coming together now; how exciting!!!