Friday, October 2, 2015

In a Monkey Mood

Hello blog friends.
No, I wasn't monkeying around. And I'm not stitching a monkey pattern...
But I have been swinging from Branch to Branch!
The witches put a spell on me to take them seriously. So, after two weeks without hearing from them, you may now see for yourself that I was indeed stitching on it little by little.
Here's The Branch:
I stitched the snowflakes or flowery things in 738 instead of 712 which was very light against the fabric. I did the backstitch too, adorable (?) spideys! I'm only missing the windows (712-ecru), that space between the houses and the words. Actually still got no idea how to put in those words on this 16ct. coz they're so tiny, maybe the witches can cook up a magic potion to give me superstitch powers:(
Then we swing to another branch!
See, that's a branch on top! I don't know why, but I was really in the mood to do all the browns this time - coffee brown, mahogany, light mahogany. Aside from that branch, there's major improvement on the houses on the background, and the kids' hair and shoes: 
Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. I like both embroideries simply happy . I'm curious if there is a text in the frame and what it your kissing are so sweet .
    wish you a good time
    Greetings Sandra

  2. I really like your mischievous witches!

    Nice progresx on your other piece too.

  3. Lovely progress on both the pieces!! I hope you enjoyed your beautiful branchfull stitching!:)

  4. Lovely progress on both of these! They are very different but the colours look similar to me. Great colour combinations.

  5. Awesome progress on both Gominam. Thanks for the info about the kit.


  6. Beautiful work on both pieces!

  7. Beautiful work on both your projects.

  8. I don't know what it is about the witches but every time I see this project it makes me smile! Everything is just soo cute...haha!

  9. I love the Hallowe'en branch, you're making great progress on both pieces but that's my favourite.