Saturday, October 31, 2015

Here it is

Hello dear bloggers. How was Halloween for you? Candies, chocolates, lollipops, cupcakes. There'll be more on sale tomorrow of those yummy stuff, lol.
Let's get down to stitchy business. 2 hours ago, I did the Halloween Blog Hop, it was so fun seeing different designs from great stitchers! 
On WIP update: Before anything else, I’m letting you know it didn’t go as planned… NO YELLOW! But hey, 3 threads down this week, woohoo!
Yep, I opted to do the darker hues among the remaining light threads which were: light moss green (166), light violet (554), and tawny (945)
 Light violet stitching on the flowers, present and street signs.
Finished off the foliage with light moss green, same goes for the ribbon on the gift.
Added more skin and house paint with tawny.
(Only 4 threads remain, woohoo!) 
 The Orts:
 …And with that done, I have started the much-awaited Yellow (I strategically placed that picture there with the ORT to keep me going!) Next update on this will surely be a grand lemony splash!
Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. So cute! Well done on your progress this week.

  2. Looking fantastic! Have a yellow week! ;)

  3. It is always a great joy to see grow your beautiful picture . I like all the loving details . And the two are soooooo cute ...
    I wish you a nice Sunday
    Greetings Sandra

  4. Fantastic progress! It is so cute :)

  5. Pretty stitching and such happy colours. Thank you for your visit to my blog and your comments. Your post shows as no reply. Hope you had a great Halloween weekend.

  6. Wonderful progress Gominam. Would you want to sell the chart when your done?


  7. Looking wonderful , great stitching.

  8. Well done on more great progress on this piece. It's Soooo cute! Is is a Soda Stitch, it looks like their style? I recently bought my very first Soda Stitch.

  9. So sweet!! Great progress, you are so nearly done!

  10. Love your method of stitching. Too much fun to watch! Good luck with those yellows.