Thursday, October 15, 2015

Finished with The Branch

Hello dear blogging friends. I did it!
I'm finally finished with my Halloween WIP!
Though I did a lot of frogging (I was already croaking) on the words, I'm still good with how it turned out. I did them in backstitch because the letters were too small. The frogging came after I found the line neither fit nor was centered, so I had to graph each line on paper first.
This is how it turned out:
 There's that frog on the left visiting me, haha.
Aside from the letters, I also modified some space. There should have been "two" tombstones (one between the houses and another at the end of the branch), but I just don't like seeing tombstones with my witches - it would be like a gruesome interpretation of Hansel and Gretel, lol.
Good news, I have just the frame that would fit. I bought it at Homegoods for the discounted price of $6. More good news, I bought fabric squares at Joann during their Columbus weekend doorbusters, a dollar each instead of $2.50. I'm excited at how this will turn out:)
I'll show it to you next post, it's getting late. 
 Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. Beautiful! And in perfect time for Halloween! :)

  2. Beautiful work! I love blues and browns together. You did a great job.
    Now I think Mr Frog should hop away!

  3. Your Halloween Embroidery has become so great. I like it really well and I am looking forward to be able to admire it in the context . You've omitted the grave stones I can understand , not your fear witches ..
    wish you a good time
    Greetings Sandra

  4. Congrats on the beautiful finish.


  5. Fantastic finish. Congrast on getting it done, look forward to seeing it framed.

  6. Yeah, it's done. Congratulations. I was just waiting for this picture as in one of your last posts you said that it's nearly done. It looks soooooo good, and the frog has to stay by the side now, lol.

  7. Wohoo!!! Congrats!! Beautiful work indeed.

  8. Wow!!! Congrats on your latest finish!
    I love this design, your mods & all in all, it's spooktacular stitching!