Thursday, July 30, 2015

Be the One

Hello friends. As I've posted last time, I started another project. But before that (here we go again), the last installment on Dallas, lol.
I just have to recommend this. For lunch, we came in a bit early so there were not much peeps inside. It's music themed, DH would have loved the place. Servings were enormous (hey, "everything's big in Texas!) and very delish. And the service was sooo excellent. Alice was so accommodating and even gave a mini tour of the place (must have that tourist sign written on my forehead, lol)!
We were seated at Stevie Ray Vaugh area.
There are two autographed guitars by the entrance. Above is B.B. King's and below is Paul McCartney's (can't get a decent shot with the glass)
There's B.B. King on one side. There's also an area for Elvis but I didn't go there since there were peeps at the bar.
"Don't you feel guilty eating all that" (is that what Mick Jagger is trying to say?)
Next, Ripley's Believe it or not and wax museum:
What's Dallas without cowboys,
As expected, it was dark inside so not much clear pics to show.
We would have wanted to see more of historic Dallas, but as it turned out they close early. We got to the Heritage Village around 3pm and the place was already deserted (so we went to the outlet mall, hah!)
It's "a living historical museum with costumed characters portraying life in 1840-1910."
We also wanted to go to the Arboretum and Botanical Gardens (I love gardens, but not gardening, haha) another must-see accdg. to the visitor guide- "a 66-acre display garden with spectacular views of White Rock Lake." But with aching feet, time constraints and hundred degree temp. we had to pass. Overall, it's an enjoyable trip. We three girls had fun together:)
Okay, now here's the stitchy part:
 This is Abby Angel "Be the One" by Craftways (printed in 1985)
 Instead of the light blue fabric, I'm using a 14ct. Navy Blue aida. I went with dark blue since Ziggy is stitched in white, and I want the two like night and day. I hope it comes out nice.
Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Another Dream project and a block finished

Hello again dear blogging friends. Looks like the stitching bug is here to stay. Yup, I finished another block. As usual, I'll save it for last.
Another batch of Dallas pics, bear with me.
This time it's the George Bush Library and Museum:

One area is dedicated to the game of Baseball, there were lots of autographed memorabilia (btw, pictures are allowed, just no flash photography accdg. to reception desk)
 This area is during his administration:
 A part of the WTC building
 Letters of hope and peace from kids around the world
 Replica of the Oval Office during his term. You can wait in line to sit on the desk and have your picture taken by their photographer.
 Gifts from around the world:
 Okay, we're done with the lecture, haha.
Now we go over to stitching news...
Four calling birds
This time I took the liberty of changing the snowflakes' color, like polar ice blue (instead of white). Btw, thanks for the tips last time on how to make the color stand out. I will think about that backstitching (you all know how lazy I am with it, haha).
Now you might wonder about my blog title. It's not that "dream" project (big awesome project) you might be assuming. I have found this:
 See, it has that "dream" word again (like Ziggy). I already started it, with thoughts of pairing it with Ziggy (or maybe Big niece will just want one, she can have a choice) or in case little niece wants one too, then I'm covered, lol. I'll tell you more about it on my next post.
Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Not One, Not Two

Hello dear friends. This is how much I missed my stitching... three blocks finished! I really need to get down to business so I can start planning on the Ziggy framing. Yep, I went to Michael's for their frame sales event. I bought 2 simple white frames, a 10x10(for Ziggy) and 10x13 at $5each.
Before we get to 12 Days of Christmas, here's more pics from Dallas(I'm not finished organizing them since some are from Big niece)
Dallas World Aquarium:
-features a South American forest,
 can you see the monkey on the tree?

 -aquatic exhibits from around the world
(it was a bit dark inside, with lights focused on the aquariums, so it's really difficult to get a decent shot)
 At the souvenir shop, there were beaded animals, aren't they cool? I didn't buy one though, because I wouldn't be able to squeeze it in my carry-on bag. I just bought a fish keychain that lights up in different colors and a cute flamingo pen for little niece.
Now we go over to my Christmas stitching, ooooh yes!
Seven swans swimming
Six geese laying
and Five gold rings!
Just like the maids milking, the white color on the two rings are lost with the fabric, but then I've moved on to the 4th day, I'll think about that later...
Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!