Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Ziggy WIP

Hello friends.
Ziggy's back:
 I finished  the clouds. I managed to position them closer together so this pattern now measures 6 x 6, will fit a square instead of a rectangle frame. 
I forgot to mention from the start that I am using a 16 count aida (hoooorrraaayyy!!!). This is the smallest count I've stitched. So far I'm liking it (maybe because my pattern is a simple one, haha:)
Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. Great job!! 16 count is a good one. Here we usually get 11 count and 15 count aida. I mostly work on 15 count.

  2. How clever of you to alter the design to fit your requirements! It's looking good. I like 16 count aida or 32 count evenweave (stitching over two) the best. Not as small as 18 count but better coverage than 14. You'll be stitching over one o 40 count before you know it!

  3. Well done for stitching on 16-count! Myself, I am strictly a 14-count-aida-girl; 16-count is just too fiddly...:)

  4. Looking great! I truly enjoying tiny stitching.

  5. So great what you managed to stitch on this project.

  6. Great job!!! Love how you changed it.