Monday, July 27, 2015

Another Dream project and a block finished

Hello again dear blogging friends. Looks like the stitching bug is here to stay. Yup, I finished another block. As usual, I'll save it for last.
Another batch of Dallas pics, bear with me.
This time it's the George Bush Library and Museum:

One area is dedicated to the game of Baseball, there were lots of autographed memorabilia (btw, pictures are allowed, just no flash photography accdg. to reception desk)
 This area is during his administration:
 A part of the WTC building
 Letters of hope and peace from kids around the world
 Replica of the Oval Office during his term. You can wait in line to sit on the desk and have your picture taken by their photographer.
 Gifts from around the world:
 Okay, we're done with the lecture, haha.
Now we go over to stitching news...
Four calling birds
This time I took the liberty of changing the snowflakes' color, like polar ice blue (instead of white). Btw, thanks for the tips last time on how to make the color stand out. I will think about that backstitching (you all know how lazy I am with it, haha).
Now you might wonder about my blog title. It's not that "dream" project (big awesome project) you might be assuming. I have found this:
 See, it has that "dream" word again (like Ziggy). I already started it, with thoughts of pairing it with Ziggy (or maybe Big niece will just want one, she can have a choice) or in case little niece wants one too, then I'm covered, lol. I'll tell you more about it on my next post.
Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. Your new block is looking good!! I love the new design, soo cute:)

  2. Wow. The George W. Bush Museum is full of great things. Neat.

  3. Another cool place we talk about visiting but haven't made it to yet! Thanks for sharing your tour. Yay for another block done!! Only 3 to go! That's a really pretty chart; have fun with it :-)

  4. The Calling Birds are so sweet. Did you know the original words were Colly Birds which is another name for blackbirds?

  5. I love the blue snowflakes and your new start.


  6. Looks like a really neat please to visit, I really like the gifts from around the world~ :D

    Your new block looks great and the new start idea~ I think it will go well with the Ziggy (or maybe little niece will take it haha).

  7. I love your new project! The words are so important and poignant and the design is so sweet! I'm sure your nieces will love it:)

  8. I love museums! Thanks for sharing your trip. Good luck with your newest project. :)