Saturday, July 25, 2015

Not One, Not Two

Hello dear friends. This is how much I missed my stitching... three blocks finished! I really need to get down to business so I can start planning on the Ziggy framing. Yep, I went to Michael's for their frame sales event. I bought 2 simple white frames, a 10x10(for Ziggy) and 10x13 at $5each.
Before we get to 12 Days of Christmas, here's more pics from Dallas(I'm not finished organizing them since some are from Big niece)
Dallas World Aquarium:
-features a South American forest,
 can you see the monkey on the tree?

 -aquatic exhibits from around the world
(it was a bit dark inside, with lights focused on the aquariums, so it's really difficult to get a decent shot)
 At the souvenir shop, there were beaded animals, aren't they cool? I didn't buy one though, because I wouldn't be able to squeeze it in my carry-on bag. I just bought a fish keychain that lights up in different colors and a cute flamingo pen for little niece.
Now we go over to my Christmas stitching, ooooh yes!
Seven swans swimming
Six geese laying
and Five gold rings!
Just like the maids milking, the white color on the two rings are lost with the fabric, but then I've moved on to the 4th day, I'll think about that later...
Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. Woo hoo! Stitching speed demon! Great finds on the frames. Love the pics of the aquarium; we haven't made it over there yet. Awesome stitching progress. A light gray backstitch around the white parts would help to make them stand out without looking too obtrusive (not that you asked for my opinion!).

  2. You could always add a bit of back stitch to make them stand out. Or some kreinik. The pictures are great it looks like you had a great time!

  3. Great Photos, and your stitching is sure growing fast.

  4. All three blocks look sweet !! You did them so fast. I enjoyed watching the pics:)

  5. The aquarium looks like a wonderful place to visit! My husband and I like to go to them whenever we visit a new place :D

    The little gosling on the 6 geese a laying is so cute~!

  6. Congrats on the great finishes.


  7. Dallas looks like a lot of fun! I can see that you've really got the stitching bug at the moment:) Me too - I just don't have enough time...

  8. Love your 12 Days stitching. It was such a great idea to stitch the whole frame first and then fill in the squares.

  9. ohh my goodness xmas stitching in july LOL! :)))) you've gone great guns to do all these! Love the aquarium, such beautiful creatures.

  10. Such great pictures again. You seem to have had a great time.
    Wow, three blocks added to the Twelve Days of Christmas. You seemed to have missed your stitching a lot :)