Thursday, December 10, 2015

Happy Day and Cat

Hello dear friends.
This week saw me doing a stress test, phew! I ran 10minutes on treadmill upto 3.5mph. I didn't realize my heartbeat could go that fast. The cardiologist said "everything" looked good on his monitor (while I was catching my breath, pining for a seat and mentally wanting to grab his collar, lol), we'll see what he reports back to my primary doc.
Okay, enough with the stressy stuff. Here's some relaxing stories to share:
 Backstitch breakthrough, my girl is complete! Then...
Backstitch setback:
Do you see the white words? Umph, all these cross stitches scream flowers to me, why the need to spell it out 3x in one page, haha. I'll try to come up with words that can fit that brown signboard. In the meantime, I've started the boy's side to backstitch.
Not to be outdone is Contented Cat (don't want that to become Discontented Cat, lol)  
 What a fun ride as all xstitches finally done! Yipee!
3 colors achieved- med. antique blue (background), vy. light mahogany, and white.
Just backstitch remaining on these two WIPs. I plan to "commit" my day-off next week to do just that. For nighttime stitching, I'll grab the other two - mini sampler and Reindeer Games (which definitely needs my attention right now).
Thanks for visiting. Happy Stitching!


  1. Fantastic progress!!! Good luck on your backstitching.

  2. Such beautiful work and your backstitching looks fab well done.

  3. Looks great! Oh, I agree. Come up with something fun for the signboard.

  4. Awesome progress on both pieces.


  5. Everything looks great! How about "Gomi's Sweets"? It could be a floral candy shop!

  6. I am thrilled by your two kissing , this is sooooo nice. I really like it. Even the venerable cat is awesome as they perched so elegant . Wonderful!
    Thus a stress test the cardiologist I had already , and I was embarrassed at how quickly I was out of breath .
    Smile ....
    Greetings Sandra

  7. Beautiful progress on both projects:)

  8. So close now to two finishes! Hope you enjoy your time at home stitching.

  9. How beautiful!!! I love seeing your progress!

  10. Great work. I like the sketchy effect of the backstitch on the little girl.

  11. Great progress on your WIPs. But a lot of backstitching ahead. Is that good or bad? Lol.

  12. Great progress! All the backstitching really make your piece come to life :)

  13. Really lovely stitching..I have been working my way bavkwards as I have just come to your blog:)

  14. They are fabulous! You have gained a firm footing in stitching, I must say. And your last works are so delicate. You do have patience with them!
    Merry Christmas,
    Miranda Sparrow